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Info 2024/2025

Duration 3 years
CFU 180
Class L-27
Access Free access
Locations GENOVA
Language Italian
Teaching mode Frontale
Taxes and fees From 0 to 3,000 a year. Find out if you qualify for grants ed exemptions
Student exchange International destinations and partners
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The course in brief


The Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry and Chemical Technology aims to provide a broad and balanced knowledge of all the main areas of Chemistry and, above all, the general foundations that will allow profitable access to master's degrees in chemistry and, to a lesser extent, access to the world of work.

Most of the credits are in chemistry, but there are also basic or related teachings in other disciplines (mathematics, physics, biology, engineering). The degree is the only one activated in Genoa in the L-27 class and gives debt-free access to 3 Master's Degree Courses activated at the University: Industrial Chemistry, Chemical Sciences and Materials Science and Technology.

Learning by doing

The degree program includes several theoretical-practical teachings, which involve many hours of laboratory exercises. In addition, there is a practical internship in the third year, which can also be done at outside companies.

Professional outlets

More than 90 percent of students who graduate with a degree in Chemistry and Chemical Technology go on to pursue a master's degree in Industrial Chemistry or Chemical Sciences. These two master's degree programs allow for employment in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, engineering, electronics and general manufacturing industries, and in public and private analytical or research laboratories.

What you will learn

matematica e fisica

Gli elementi di matematica e di fisica essenziali per la comprensione della Chimica (30 CFU, tutti al primo anno)

chimica generale e inorganica

le basi della chimica e la struttura e reattività delle sostanze inorganiche

chimica fisica

le leggi fisiche che sottostanno ai processi chimici e le metodologie per la determinazione di parametri quantitativi termodinamici e cinetici

chimica organica

struttura, proprietà e reattività delle sostanze organiche

chimica analitica

le tecniche per l'analisi quantitativa delle sostanze chimiche

chimica industriale e impianti chimici

le basi dei processi chimici, dei polimeri e della chimica ambientale


The degree program is organized into two curricula that differ in the third year:

  • Chemistry: fundamentally oriented to the continuation of studies with the Master's Degree in Chemical Sciences, it allows, in addition to the acquisition of the fundamentals of Chemistry, an in-depth study in the areas of physical, analytical, inorganic and organic chemistry.
  • Chemical Technology: basically oriented to the continuation of studies with the Master's Degree in Industrial Chemistry, it allows, in addition to the acquisition of the basics of Chemistry, a deepening in the areas of polymer chemistry, environmental chemistry or chemical processes.

The two curricula share most of the educational activities, corresponding to 132 CFU - basically the first two years plus 10 CFU in the third year. In fact, the first two years are completely in common and the choice between the two curricula is made when filling out the study plan for the third year.

The degree program includes laboratory activities for about 21-24 cfu (depending on the curriculum) and a curricular internship in-house or at external institutions.


Welcome to Chemistry and Chemical Technology!


Andrea Basso

Where we are

Lectures, laboratory exercises and examinations are held at the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of the University of Genoa, which is located in the Valletta Puggia compound:


Dodecanese Street 31
16146 Genoa
+39 010 353 6113
Opening hours: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Teaching spaces

The classrooms are located on the 5th, 6th and 7th floors: a Great Hall, four large classrooms (1, 2, 3 and 12) and eight small classrooms (4-11).
Laboratories for chemistry-type teaching activities are all located on the 4th floor.
There are numerous study spaces on the 5th and 7th floors.
Research laboratories are from the ground floor to the 3rd, while faculty studios are on the 8th and 9th floors.

There is also a canteen for students and sports facilities - PalaCus, tennis courts and soccer fields.

In the Valletta Puggia compound there is also a canteen for students and sports facilities - PalaCus, tennis courts and soccer fields.

Instructions on how to reach the Department


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For information on enrollment, transitions, transfers: 


Student Secretariat of the School of Science MFN
. Viale Benedetto XV, 7
+39 010 353 38190