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Info 2023/2024

Duration 3 anni
CFU 180
Class L-36
Access Free access
Locations GENOVA
Teaching mode Frontale
Head of programme RENZO REPETTI
Taxes and fees Da 0 a 3000 euro all'anno. Scopri se hai diritto a borse ed esenzioni
Student exchange Sedi internazionali e partner
Contacts Per saperne di più sul Corso visita la sezione dedicata

The course in brief


The Bachelor of Arts in International and Diplomatic Sciences provides methodological, cultural and professional knowledge with an interdisciplinary character on contemporary societies, with specific focus on internationalist and European issues. The goal is the acquisition of management, organizational, planning, reporting and communication skills in public and private spheres, in the areas of international governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

Learning by doing

Frontal teaching is complemented by group work on targeted content, such as Gemun, European Council and European Parliament simulations. Student mobility within the framework of international programs, internships, credit-bearing seminars and supplementary in-depth courses on interdisciplinary and international policy issues are provided.

In accordance with University and Department regulations, credit may be given for activities relevant to course content.

Professional outlets

  • Advisory work in international and European organizations and bodies, services, government
  • activities in private enterprises handling international relations
  • Diplomatic career, accessed through competition at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • collaboration with international bodies or organs of the European Union and related bodies
  • activities of international relevance and development cooperation within nongovernmental organizations
  • public relations and consulting in areas concerning community relations, international organizations, developing countries
  • tourism and cultural promotion activities
  • .

The graduate may also continue his or her studies by enrolling in a master's degree program in continuity, such as International and Cooperation Sciences.

What you will learn

European Union law

Understanding what unites all European citizens

comparative and European constitutional law

Understand the merits and limitations of our institutions, looking to Europe and foreign experiences

contemporary history

Tools and critical skills for in-depth knowledge of 19th and 20th century world history

lengua, cultura et instituciones de los Paises hispanofonos

language and political-institutional current affairs of Spanish-speaking countries

language, culture and institutions of English-speaking countries

language and political-institutional current affairs of English-speaking countries

langue, culture et institutions des Pays francophones

language and political-institutional current affairs of French-speaking countries

history of international relations

relations between states in the twentieth century and the new millennium

international law

actors and sources of international law and relationships between private parties with elements of internationality

political economy

The functioning of the economic system and in particular consumer and business behavior and the role of the market

economic policy

Study of a macroeconomic model capable of determining income, employment, interest rate, prices and exchange rate

international economics

Theories of international trade and the effects on trade policies

modern history

European history of the 15th-18th centuries to understand the present with better critical tools


The degree program in International and Diplomatic Sciences has a strongly interdisciplinary focus between the fields of economics, law, linguistics, political science, sociology, and history. It examines issues of international and European significance, providing basic knowledge of different geographical and geopolitical areas.

The course involves the in-depth study of at least two European Union languages, in addition to Italian.

The traditional didactic activity is complemented by additional forms of learning, which enable the student to develop a profitable interaction with the outside world in which he or she will operate. For example:

  • a wide range of lectures, seminars and meetings with lecturers and experts, including external ones (visiting professors) on topical issues
  • cultural exchanges of faculty and students within the framework of international and European programs, such as LLP Erasmus, CINDA, AVERROES
  • stays at embassies, consulates and international bodies
  • internships at domestic and foreign companies
  • traineeships abroad within the framework of European Erasmus Placement programs.


8768_Renzo Repetti
Welcome to the degree program in International and Diplomatic Sciences. It will be a challenging course of study, but also one dense with satisfaction and pleasant surprises: you will realize that the disciplines you will study serve to understand the complex dynamics of the society around us. Our community-composed of students, faculty, tutors, and all staff-is strongly committed to blending teaching with its research activities.

Renzo Repetti

Where we are

Department of Political Science - DISPO
Brignole educational pole former Albergo dei Poveri
Piazzale Emanuele Brignole 3a gate - west tower
16125 Genoa
+39 010 209 51131

Student Desk
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Social Sciences Single Student Desk
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Internships Office (Social Sciences)
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Departmental Representatives for Students
Orientation, School-Work Alternation, Placement
prof. Daniela Tarantino (Orientation and School-Work Alternation) -
prof. Francesco Pierini (Placement) -

Administrative support
dott.ssa Luciana Grieco
tel. 010 20951112 - 010 2099862

Students with disabilities and students with DSA
prof. Aristide Canepa
tel. 010 20951122

Erasmus Office (AIFE)
dott.ssa Claudia Soresini
Piazzale Emanuele Brignole 3a, third floor central tower
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Placement and Job Guidance (University service)
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