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Master degree course
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The course in brief


The degree program aims to provide students with a comprehensive education that ensures all the cognitive tools necessary to carry out the profession of landscape architect. The teachings of the curriculum cover the main disciplines of agronomic sciences, natural sciences, architecture, and land use planning, with an interdisciplinary approach specific to landscape architecture.

Learning by doing

The degree program provides educational activities divided into:

  • mandatory and optional monodisciplinary courses
  • analysis and design workshops
  • thematic seminars
  • technical visits
  • traineeships
  • national and international workshops.

Professional outlets

  • Design of the urban green system, parks and gardens, green spaces pertaining to buildings, sports facilities, ecological networks and greenways, lacustrine and marine coastal strips, therapeutic gardens
  • Recovery of brownfield sites, landfills
  • Landscaping of road infrastructure and energy production networks
  • Conservation restoration of historic gardens and parks
  • Environmental and landscape impact analysis and assessment
  • Landscape planning

What you will learn

  • landscape analysis and design

    Territory reading and design actions at different scales

  • landscaping

    Analysis of processes related to landscape transformation

  • CAD-GIS computer tools

    Georeferenced data management and vector drawing

  • drawing

    tools for landscape representation

  • garden and landscape history

    Landscape and garden characters in their historical development

  • geomorphology and pedology

    geomorphological and soil analysis techniques

  • Botany and plant species for the project

    Description, recognition and use of major species

  • landscape ecology

    Analysis and interpretation of the plant landscape

  • naturalistic engineering

    Techniques for low-impact land defense

  • defense and management of plant species

    Basic knowledge of pathogen control strategies

  • urban and rural sociology

    Study of social sciences related to landscape design

  • economic-environmental analysis

    tools and methodologies for economic reading of the environment


The IFLA - International Federation of Landscape Architects describes the professional figure of the landscape architect as follows: 'The landscape architect plans and designs urban and rural landscapes in space and time, based on the natural characteristics and historical and cultural values of the area. To this end he refers to aesthetic, functional, scientific and management methods and principles, with appropriate use of both natural and man-made techniques and materials..

Thanks to the teachings offered, the degree course aims to train the professional figure of the landscape architect, who integrates knowledge and skills in the field of landscape design and management at different scales. The structure of the course of study encourages the acquisition of the ability to collaborate with other professional figures from the fields of architecture, engineering, and natural and agronomic sciences.


9006_Carlo Tosco
I am pleased to cordially welcome all students who plan to attend our Bachelor of Science in Landscape and Green Area Design.

Course Coordinator

Where we are

Class locations

University of Genova
Stradone S. Agostino 37
16123 Genova

Politecnico di Torino
Viale Pier Andrea Mattioli 39
10125 Torino

University of Turin
Largo Paolo Braccini 2
10095 Grugliasco TO

University of Milan
Via Giovanni Celoria 2
20133 Milan

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