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Career perspectives

The Professional Education graduate

Where does she work?

She carries out her activities:

  • in the social area, socio-educational field: social cooperatives in communities for minors, socio-educational centers with minors aged 6-12 years, work education centers with youths aged 16-18 years, youth aggregation centers, Juvenile Court
  • in the social-health area: day care centers for people with disabilities, RSAs (social-assistance residences) for people with physical and mental distress, recovery communities for drug addicts, day care centers for people with autism, day care centers and communities for people with cognitive and/or relationship disabilities (e.g., Anffas), day care centers and residences for the visually impaired or those with genetic syndromes, RSAs and geriatric rehabilitation services
  • in the social area: ATS (social territorial ambits) of local authorities, prisons and reception centers for immigrants
  • in the health care area: Department of primary care of Local Health Authorities (family counseling centers, services aimed at the employment of people with disabilities), Department of mental health and addictions (mental health centers, day care centers, therapeutic communities, housing houses to psychiatric users, services for drug addicts-SERT, services of child and adolescent neuropsychiatry, services for eating disorders, residences for the execution of health security measures - REMS)

He can also practice in private practice and families or as a consultant for public and private entities.