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Career perspectives

The professional profile of the Prevention Technician in the Environment and Workplaces is a Health Profession established by Ministerial Decree of January 17, 1997, No. 58 (Regulations concerning the identification of the figure and the related professional profile of the Prevention Technician in the Environment and Workplaces).

Prevention technician in the environment and workplace

Who is he/she?

He/she is the health worker responsible, within the scope of his/her competencies, for all prevention, verification and control activities regarding environmental hygiene and safety in living and working places, food and beverage hygiene, public and veterinary hygiene and health.

What does he/she do?

He/she supervises and controls living and working environments, safety conditions of facilities, food and beverage quality, veterinary hygiene and health.

Evaluates the need to conduct investigations and inquiries for occupational injuries and illnesses.

Co-operates with the judicial administration for investigations of crimes against environmental property, hygiene and safety conditions in the workplace, and food.

He is a judicial police officer; he carries out investigative activities, aimed at issuing authorizations or technical-sanitary clearances for activities subject to control.

Where does he work?

In the NHS and public administrations, at all prevention, control and supervision services provided for by the regulations in force.

In industry and business, as Responsible or Safety, Prevention and Protection Officer or as Quality Manager.

As a freelancer, with organizational-management or consulting duties in the field of safety.