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Info 2024/2025

Duration 3 years
CFU 180
Class L-32
Access Free access
Locations GENOVA
Language Italian
Teaching mode In-person
Head of programme PAOLO VASSALLO
Taxes and fees From 0 to 3,000 a year. Find out if you qualify for grants ed exemptions
Student exchange International destinations and partners
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The course in brief


The degree in Environmental and Natural Sciences will provide you with the scientific, methodological and cultural foundations to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the environmental system, its components and their historical becoming. You will be able to pursue professions in the natural and environmental fields, such as support for scientific research, monitoring, management, restoration and planning of natural and man-made environmental systems, dissemination and scientific communication.

Learning by doing

The teaching includes not only classroom lectures, but also exercises, laboratories and field activities. You will be able to participate in a wildlife or oceanographic campaign depending on your chosen field of study, do internships at environmental planning and management agencies or at environmental analysis and monitoring laboratories to acquire technical skills and apply what you have learned in practice.

Professional outlets

The course prepares you for the professions: environmental control technicians, agricultural technicians, forestry technicians, tourist entertainers and assimilated professions, nature and sports guides and escorts, tour guides, museum technicians.

After passing a state exam, you can enter the professional registers: junior planner, junior biologist, agro-technician, and agricultural expert.

You will gain access to teaching upon completion of targeted postgraduate educational pathways.

Did you know that.

Avrai occasione di partecipare a seminari tenuti da esperti nazionali e internazionali
All'Università di Genova il corso ha un'origine antica: nel 1784 fu istituita la cattedra di Storia Naturale!
L'interdisciplinarietà favorisce l'accesso a molte professioni quali tecnico del controllo ambientale, tecnico agronomo e tecnico forestale
A seconda dell'ambito scelto - Ambiente o Natura - potrai partecipare a campagne naturalistiche o campagne ambientali in mare


Earth and life sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Natural and Environmental Sciences conveys both the cultural foundations and the use of professional tools necessary for the knowledge, appreciation and proper management of the natural heritage, in the spirit of the Higher Education Degree Accreditation process recently disseminated by the CIEEM - Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management. The course proposes an integrated reading of natural and anthropogenic ecosystems and consequently features teaching activities related to the Earth Sciences and Life Sciences fields, coupled with a congruent foundation of mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science.

Environment and nature

The educational pathway includes a common first year for all students and then a choice between two curricula:

  • Nature, aims at the knowledge of the faunal and floristic components of the environment, with functional insights related to the conservation and restoration of animal and plant biocenoses
  • Environment, aimed at the training of figures capable of collaborating in activities of surveying, classification, analysis, monitoring, restoration and conservation of abiotic and biotic components of natural systems in order to promote the quality of the environment.


Welcome to the Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Natural Sciences. This course of study, structured in two curricula, Nature and Environment, will enable you to bring out and enhance your potential and predisposition toward professional activities in the analysis and management of both natural and human-modified environments.

Laura Canesi

Where we are

The course takes place mainly at the

Department of Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences - DISTAV
Corso Europa 26
16132 Genova

Some lectures and/or laboratories are held at

Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry - DCCI
Via Dodecaneso 31
16146 Genova

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DISTAV Teaching Secretariat

Instructional Manager
Francesca Rossi