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Info 2024/2025

Duration 2 years
CFU 120
Class LM-27
Access Free access
Locations GENOVA
Language English
Teaching mode In-person
Head of programme RAFFAELE BOLLA
Taxes and fees From 0 to 3,000 a year. Find out if you qualify for grants ed exemptions
Student exchange International destinations and partners
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Video presentation

Internet and multimedia engineering - UniGeTalks

Programme overview


The course offers advanced education in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), with special reference to signal processing (voice, video, data and multimedia), telecommunications systems, networks and networking applications. The program focuses on providing methodological and advanced design skills to become high-level professionals in all areas of Telecommunications Engineering.

Learning by doing

The course offers lectures (in English), laboratories, guided visits to companies and seminars. The final thesis project gives students the possibility of developing further competence in the framework of high-level research labs.

Career perspectives

Design, implementation and presentation of commercial tenders, sales, technical assistance and customer care, in advanced ICT technology, with specific reference to systems, networks and applications development.

What you will learn

Advanced Telecommunication Engineering

Physical layer aspects of digital communications, channel models, coding and modulation

Mobile Communication Systems

Mobile radio networks, current structure and evolution towards 5G

Network Architectures and Protocols

Advanced networking, QoS, virtualisation, cloud/fog computing, sensor networks and IoT, performance evaluation

Multimedia Digital Signal Processing

Advanced DSP, image processing and recognition, array SP, cognitive telecommunication systems

Antennas and Electromagnetic Propagation

Fundamentals of guided propagation, antennas and remote sensing


Security of computer systems and networks


The Master Program in Internet and Multimedia Engineering provides advanced education on signal, image, and video processing, networking and telematics, mobile and fixed communications systems and applied electromagnetics.

We build high-level ICT professionals in Internet, Multimedia, and Telecommunications Engineering, with vision and knowledge on current technology evolution, ready to face the challenges of Internet-of-Things, Big Data, Smart Systems, Machine Learning and 5th Generation Mobile Networks (5G) era.

Our program has a strong characterization toward Internet engineering on one side, and toward signal processing and multimedia systems, either networked or stand-alone, on the other. Students learn how to address the design, management, and operation of distributed communication and processing architectures and multimedia applications, in mobility and over heterogeneous networks, with different levels of smartness and interactivity.

Head of programme

10378_Raffaele Bolla

Welcome to the MSc Program in Internet and Multimedia Engineering. We are committed to offering students our support in all phases of their learning process, in class, laboratory and individual discussions. Information and Communication Technology -ICT- is still presenting challenges in its continuous advancement, and it is incresingly at the core of many other sectors -energy, transportation, manufacturing, health-.We want you to become part of this development.

Raffaele Bolla

Where to find us

Dipartimento di Ingegneria navale, elettrica, elettronica e delle telecomunicazioni - DITEN
Via all'Opera Pia 11-11A-13
16145 Genova

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Didactic support contact
Paola Bergantin
Via all'Opera Pia 11a
16145 Genova
+39 010 33 52429 / 52410
+39 010 353 2429
+39 010 353 2056

Student Desk Scuola Politecnica
Villa Cambiaso
Via Montallegro 1
16145 Genova
+39 010 353 2318