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Assessment of Adequacy of Personal Readiness

What is

The Assessment of Adequacy of Personal Readiness is the tool provided by the Educational Regulations to assess your preparation for the purpose of matriculation to the Master's Degree.

Who should conduct the Verification

How to access

To take the Verification of Adequacy of Graduate Personal Readiness you must do the pre-registration so as to be on the lists of students who must take the test.

Following that, if the test is successful, you must confirm your matriculation.

For pre-registration and the test you will not have to pay anything. Payment of the registration fee and regional fee is due at the time of confirmation of registration.

You must pay the registration fee and regional fee.

N.B.: Pre-registration and verification of personal preparation adequacy are free of charge. Payment of the application fee and regional fee is expected at the time of confirmation of registration.

How it works

Curricular and individual requirements are verified by a special committee, which operates according to a protocol similar to that used for admission to EMARO and JEMARO programs.

For each candidate, the committee will evaluate

  • the academic potential (grade point average, class standing, GPA, etc.)
  • the relevance of the undergraduate degree
  • the quality of the university that awarded the Level I degree
  • the knowledge of the English language, however not less than B2
  • level
  • letter of motivation (you must use the template provided)
  • Reference letters: max. 5 points (not mandatory)
  • Other aspects of Curriculum Vitae (other degrees, work experience, professional qualifications, etc.)
  • There is no specific test other than the evaluation of the student's career.

For international students with a foreign degree and residence abroad (Non-EU), all required documents must be uploaded to the UnigeApply application platform by the deadline of May 31, 2023.

The application deadline is January 11, 2024.

Please note that all required documents must be submitted by January 8, 2024.

Applications submitted later will not be considered and will be deemed invalid. Please note that once you submit the required documents, they will be evaluated. If the evaluation is positive, you will receive a notification and must confirm your application through the online service by paying the first installment (by the deadline of January 11, 2024).

Where and when

Upcoming dates for the English B2 language assessment test are:

  • May 16, 2023, registration by May 5, 2023, 9 a.m.
  • June 15, 2023, registration by June 5, 2023, 9 a.m.    
  • June 29, 2023, registration from June 19 8 a.m. to June 23 1 p.m.
  • September 26, 2023, registration by September 18, 2023, 9 a.m.
  • November 23, 2023, registration by Nov. 13, 2023, 9 a.m.
  • December 14, 2023, registration by December 4, 2023, 9 a.m.-last available date for prospective Robotics Engineering students
  • January 25, 2024, registration by January 15, 2024, 9 a.m.

Candidates will receive instructions on where the tests will be held (online at Microsoft Teams or at a department classroom).