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The course in brief


The course combines the engineering and management components with the most relevant aspects of information technology, with the aim of training professional profiles that can fit into the Industry 4.0 program. It envisages an increasing digitization of businesses and therefore requires the mastery of ICT tools at every level of the company, from production to coordination and management activities.

Learning by doing

The pathway offers a solid basic education with content in mathematics (analysis, geometry, and statistics), physics, and computer science mainly in the first year and partly in the second, and a characterization on management content, automation, operations research, production, and transportation, mainly in the third year.

Professional outlets

The graduate can indifferently deepen his or her preparation with a master's degree in management or information or place himself or herself directly in a work context where basic management and process knowledge and computer skills to support business management with data collection, storage and extraction tools are required.

What you will learn

  • mathematical analysis

    develop the ability to concatenate logical reasoning

  • statistics

    how to produce, select and process information

  • industrial plants

    organize and manage the production of a good from inputs

  • industrial logistics

    Organize effectively the flows of goods in the logistics system

  • data analysis and representation

    design and implement applications that perform dashboard functions

  • economics and business organization

    represent and analyze the economic performance of an enterprise



The Bachelor of Science in Management Engineering trains a multi-purpose professional figure, capable of dealing with the multiple technical, economic, organizational and managerial aspects that characterize the activities of the economic-industrial fabric.

The pathway provides a basic engineering education with content in mathematics (analysis, geometry, and statistics), physics, and computer science, and a characterization on the managerial aspects of automation, operations research, production, transportation, and information. On the one hand, the management of production, information and technology is deepened, and on the other hand, computer tools - management software - and simulation tools useful for operation in the world of work are learned.

Graduates can carry out professional activities at the technical-operational level and coordination activities within public and private, national and international facilities.

The duration of the degree program is normally three years for full-time students and involves the acquisition of 180 undergraduate credits (cfu). There are 20 exams, laboratories, internships and the final examination. Taken together, the activities are marked by a problem solving approach, which traditionally connotes the engineer in general.


            <div>Silvano Cincotti</div>

I extend my warmest welcome to the new students in the Bachelor of Engineering Management degree. 

Course Coordinator

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