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Final project

What is

To be admitted to the final examination, you must have regularly attended the educational activities and earned the credits prescribed by the regulations.

The final examination consists of the discussion of a written paper, tending to ascertain your technical-scientific and professional preparation.

For the purpose of obtaining the degree, the final paper consists of a written report on a specific activity carried out by you, under the guidance of one or more rapporteurs, in order to acquire knowledge useful for entering the world of work or for continuing your studies.

In any case, the speakers must include at least one lecturer from the Polytechnic School or from your Course of Study.

The final paper may also be written in English; in the case of using another EU language, authorization from the CCS is required. In these cases the final paper must be accompanied by the title and an extensive summary in Italian.

The final paper must reveal:

  • adequate basic preparation
  • adequate knowledge of content characterizing management engineering
  • correct use of sources and bibliography
  • systematic and argumentative skills
  • clarity in exposition

The Committee for the final paper is composed of at least five members, including the Chairperson, and is appointed by the Director of DIME.

The manner of conducting the final examination consists of an oral presentation of the final paper to the committee, followed by a discussion of any questions posed by the committee members.

What to do to graduate


If you are an undergraduate you must:

  1. Deposit the title of the thesis
  2. Choose the graduate session
  3. .
  4. Fill out the AlmaLaurea questionnaire online
  5. Fill out the graduation application online
  6. In case you have books on loan, return them to the library
  7. .
  8. Fill out the assessment questionnaire for your course of study.


  1. Check that you are current with your tax payment
  2. .
  3. Pay the stamp tax of €16 for the issuance of the Graduation Diploma (payable through the online services - payment of fees and contributions)
  4. Check that you have taken all exams and educational activities
  5. Check that they are all marked on your online career.




The final grade summarizes your career, taking into account the attainment of the educational objectives of the degree program, and results from the sum of two elements:

  • curricular average
  • evaluation of the final test

In particular:

  • the curricular average (expressed in hundredths) consists of the CFU-weighted average of the grades reported for the educational activities included in the candidate's plan of study that provide for a final grade and is transmitted to the Commission by the student secretariats together with the career
  • for the final test the maximum total score attributable is 8 points, which must take into account both the quality of the final paper and the ability to present and discuss the paper itself, responding to the questions formulated by the committee. Also contributes to the definition of the score is the possible conduct of a study period abroad; in this regard, the contribution of 0.3 points is due to a study period of a minimum duration of one semester, which has resulted in the recognition of educational credits (at least 12 CFUs).

For the achievement of the degree you must have a minimum competence of knowledge of the English language corresponding to the level B1 of the Council of Europe.
To acquire the credits associated with English language proficiency, you must pass the examination test organized by the Language Skills Development Sector or exhibit certification in original for level B1, or higher, acquired from an accredited body or institute no more than three academic years earlier (i.e., for A.Y. 2021/22, certificates earned from May 2019 onward are valid). The list of certificates recognized as equivalent is established by the Language Skills Development Sector in agreement with the Clat Commission.
The Polytechnic School, in order to support students in acquiring the required degree of language proficiency, organizes, with the support of the Language Skills Development Sector, educational activities offered to homogeneous classes of students.

The final grade is derived from a single rounding of the score by:

  • default, when decimals are less than or equal to 5
  • excess, when decimals are greater than 5

The committee, by unanimous consent, may award honors, if you reach (or exceed) a score of 112/110. As a rule, there is no provision for the awarding of dignity for bachelor's theses.