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Assessment of Adequacy of Personal Readiness

What is

The Assessment of Adequacy of Personal Readiness is the tool provided by the Educational Regulations to assess your preparation for the purpose of matriculation to the Master's Degree.

Who should participate in the assessment

How to access

If you have never been enrolled at the University of Genoa, you should access the UniGe Portal and obtain the UniGePASS credentials via this portal.

Then, you should apply for pre-enrollment using the UniGePASS credentials received with registration via this portal.

Following that, if the test is successful, you must confirm your matriculation.

Pre-registration and verification of personal preparation adequacy are free of charge. Payment of the application fee and regional fee is expected at the time of confirmation of registration.

How it works

With reference to the assessment of individual preparation, admission is subject to the passing of a test, in mathematics and computer science, by interview, to which a preliminary quiz can be added. The interview, and possibly the quiz, will focus on the basic knowledge needed to follow the studies profitably.

With reference to the knowledge of the English language at the B2 level, admission is subject to the submission of a valid B2 (or higher) language certificate or to a verification by interview.

Where and when

Non-EU citizens living abroad must have already passed the assessment of individual preparation, during the pre-assessment procedure (closed on May 31st, 2023).

All other students will be assessed in presence (Via Dodecaneso 35, 16146 Genova) on September 18-22, 2023. For those that are not in Genova in this period, further dates will be announced.

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