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Admission criteria and procedure

1. Read the admission criteria

You can apply for admission if you have either:

Necessary criteria

Computer Science is a natural course of study for students with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science but we welcome students from different areas of Science and Engineering provided that they have at least 50% credits in:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Math
  • Physics
  • Statistics

Additional criteria

To be eligible for enrollment you also need adequate:

The adequacy of both criteria will be assessed during the enrollment procedure by an interview, to which a preliminary quiz can be added.

2. Register and pre-register

UniGe Portal Registration

If you have never been enrolled at the University of Genoa, access the UniGe Portal and get your UniGePASS credentials (for more information you can watch the TUTORIAL).


Make apply for pre-registration using the UniGePASS credentials you received with your registration.

The enrollment procedure depends on your nationality, country of residence and academic curriculum.

Tell us more about you

We will get in touch with you, by email, for the Assessment of the Adequacy of your Personal Readiness.

We will get in touch with you, by email, for the Assessment of the Adequacy of your Personal Readiness.

To apply:

  • Follow the instructions at this page to be pre-accepted
  • After getting the approval of your pre-acceptance, submit your pre-enrollment on the Universitaly website, 2023, choosing the University of Genoa and the course you want to apply for
  • Refer to the Italian Embassy or Consulate for Italian translation and legalization of your diploma and for the issue of Declaration of Value
  • If the University of Genoa accepts your application, contact the Italian Embassy or Consulate that you indicated in the pre-enrollment for the issue of study visa
  • In case of positive evaluation, we will send you a pre-acceptance letter

For further information please check the MUR website.

3. Support the verification of personal preparedness

Go to the dedicated page