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Mandatory courses

Course on safety in the workplace

How to participate

UniGe's online course General Occupational Safety and Health Training:

  • is conducted entirely in e-learning mode
  • is divided into 4 modules
  • has a total duration of 4 hours

and is mandatory if you want:

  • enroll in the 2nd year and take the Analysis of Medicines I
  • take the professional internship in pharmacies

To complete the course, you must have viewed all the video lectures, passed the relevant tests and the final Quiz. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a digital certificate (badge) that you can download in PDF format and that will be valid for the duration of your course of study.

To access the online course, you must log on to Aulaweb and authenticate with your UniGePASS credentials. The registration key is "student".

You will need to submit the certificate:

  • to the teacher who owns the course Medicinal Products Analysis I
  • to the Student Desk along with the application for professional internship in pharmacies