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Info 2023/2024

Duration 2 years
CFU 120
Class LM-77
Classe delle lauree magistrali in SCIENZE ECONOMICO-AZIENDALI (MANAGEMENT)
Access Free access
Locations GENOVA
Language Italian
Teaching mode Frontale
Head of programme SILVIA BRUZZI
Taxes and fees From 0 to 3,000 a year. Find out if you qualify for grants ed exemptions
Student exchange International destinations and partners
Contacts Read more here

The course in brief


The problems faced by managers, the theories to interpret them, and the methodologies and tools to manage them. All this characterizes the Management track, punctuated by a range of disciplines-business, economics, law, quantitative-which are strongly interdependent in content. A mix to approach the different dimensions of businesses, grasp their connections, bring them to synthesis and provide indispensable skills for the various areas of management.

Learning by doing

The course combines a plurality of forms and tools to support learning.
In fact, various participatory and innovative teaching methods are used: project work, business games, business plans, individual and group work.
Numerous opportunities to meet with managers and entrepreneurs as part of business cases and seminars.
Internships and experiences in the business environment play a prominent role.

Professional outlets

With a master's degree in management, you can hold senior positions in companies in all industries and in consulting. You can aspire to roles such as: Export manager, Marketing manager, Marketing analyst, Brand manager, Retail manager, Sales manager, Buyer, Operations officer, HR & Organization manager, Customer care manager, Project manager, Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR - Manager, management consultant.
The course also provides the foundation for the development of entrepreneurial activities.

What you will learn


key word in modern enterprise, the basis of today's enterprise strategies


Combining global and local is the new way of doing business


Networks and relationships inside and outside the enterprise


Competitive factor par excellence, the main source of value creation


'normal' condition in which enterprises operate by dynamically interacting with the environment


Multiplicity of interdependent factors at play in business contexts

Did you know that.

Management graduates at 1, 3, and 5 years after graduation boast better employment and pay rates than their peers who graduated from similar paths in Italy
At Management you will learn how to work in teams and present your projects in a professional manner
Get in touch with innovative business realities
Find many opportunities to enrich your resume
You can participate in group work, business games, simulations and interactive activities
Teachers periodically engage with labor representatives through the Consulta


The course in Management provides you with advanced training for assuming leadership and management responsibilities in industrial and service enterprises. It prepares you to understand and manage the complex environment in which businesses operate, with particular reference toinnovation and globalization, by:

  • acquisition of advanced models and tools for managing decision-making processes in different business functions (marketing, organization, human resource management, operations)
  • deep knowledge of the logic of business management (efficiency, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, sustainability) and the strategic options available to pursue them (networking, internationalization, innovation, process management, project management)
  • knowledge and understanding of legal and economic-quantitative issues supporting business decision-making processes
  • application of knowledge and acquisition of soft skills through innovative teaching methods (project work, business game, business plan, individual and group work) and through meetings with managers and entrepreneurs as part of seminars and workshops


Welcome to the Master of Science in Management degree program!.

Lara Penco

Where we are

Department of Economics
Via Vivaldi 5 (Darsena)
16126 Genoa

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