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Scholarships and exemptions

ALISEO scholarships and fundings

ALISEO scholarships and funding, by Regione Liguria, offers you concrete opportunities to make the most out of your university experience through bursaries and/or tuition fee scheme as well as other facilities and services.

The scholarships and fundings you can take advantage of are

  • bursaries and grants, based on household income and successful progress in your academic career
  • means-tested bursaries and/or other tuition fees support, e.g. full bursary amount; fee discount scheme (fee reduction)
  • accommodation scheme, i.e. grants and/or affordable prices
  • inclusive study, i.e. support service for all students with a disability (physical or mental) or a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD).

Other services and facilities you can access are

  • a canteen service
  • study zones or rooms
  • computer rooms
  • cultural and sports activities
  • information and orientation.

The ALISEO scholarship is awarded by UniGe and AFAM (Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale) to students enrolled in degree courses in Liguria.

You are eligible to apply for an ALISEO Scholarship if you meet all of the following criteria

  • You are liable for a tuition fee reduction based on household income that is a assessed by filling in the ISEE-U form
  • You may be eligible for a fee discount or for a full bursary amount depending on your income
  • You are enrolling on your first undergraduate degree course at Unige.
    You pass a specific number of exams or get a specific amount of credits - only final grades issued by the relevant exam board can be included.

More detailed information on facilities and services

  • Accommodation: if you are an off-campus student enrolled for a full-time degree course at UniGe or if you have been awarded a scholarship, you can be housed in one of the university student’s homes or residences. In order to apply for an accommodation, you need to meet means-tested criteria (based on household income and assessed by filling in the ISEE-U form) and progress successfully in your academic career. Use the online form to apply for accommodation
  • Canteen: there are 18 canteens; 9 are in Genoa, 1 is in Chiavari, 2 are in Savona, 1is in Pietra Ligure, 1 is in Imperia, and 4 are in La Spezia. The food service can be self-service, pizzeria, and some facilities also offer sandwiches and a bar service
    To access the service, you must show your UniGe ID-card. However, to get discounted prices you must meet ALISEO conditions and requirements and submit an online application. For information please use the following contacts: +39 010/2491225 - 010/2491278
  • Inclusive study, i.e. support service for all students with a disability (physical or mental) or a Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD): the residences have dedicated accommodation for students with disabilities. If you are awarded a scholarship, you are entitled to a further grant of €1,500.00. However, depending on individual condition and requirements, instead of offering an accommodation at the ALISEO residences, a specific bursary covering the rent amount may be discussed if this is more appropriate to individual needs
  • Studying abroad: if you are participating in an international mobility programme, you may be eligible to receive further financial support or a grant to cover accommodation and travel costs
  • Cultural, leisure, and sport activities: since the general wellbeing of students is a priority, ALISEO organises sports events and meetings promoting cultural, leisure, and sport activities aimed at improving students' general living and study conditions. 

For more information visit the ALISEO website.

Scholarships for accommodation in university residences

You want to study at UniGe but you don't live in the city? Grants and concessions are available for accommodation in the two legally recognised university residences in Genoa.

For more information, go to Fondazione Rui website.

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