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Admission test

How it works

Read the admission notice carefully so as not to miss key passages. In particular:

  1. Check the deadlines for each step.
  2. .
  3. Follow the PhASE 1 and PHASE 2 described in the notice of admission.
  4. RECALLS that failure to complete either of the STEPS will result in exclusion from the selection.


The entrance test for this course of study is called TOLC-MED.

TOLC is an acronym for Test OnLine CISIA. It is a test for those who want to enroll in a degree program that requires an assessment of initial knowledge prior to enrollment. The knowledge being assessed depends on the degree program chosen.


For this course, the test covers access to the courses of Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry and Prosthodontics.

  • Find out more about the structure and read the Regulations of TOLC-MED on the CISIA website.
  • Register to the restricted testing area on the CISIA (Inter-University Consortium Integrated Systems for Access) portal.
  • Pay the registration fee.

The TOLC has two modes: TOLC@CASA or TOLC at the university, depending on the location and date (see "List of Universities" on the CISIA website).
Choose the one you prefer based on location and date - In Genoa, TOLC@CASA is held.

Simulazione Test

L'Università degli Studi di Genova e Informagiovani del Comune di Genova organizzano una serie di simulazioni dei test di ingresso per accedere ai corsi di studio a numero programmato che si svolgeranno presso:

Palazzo Ducale - Casa Luzzati - Piazza G. Matteotti, 24 r - 16123 Genova 
Le prenotazioni saranno aperte una settimana prima della data di svolgimento.

After the test