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The Master's Degree Program in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics prepares for the
profession of dentistry. You will address the basic sciences and disciplines
specific characterizing that will enable you to make diagnosis and therapy
in the area of oral and dental diseases.
Dental work is fundamental to the oral and general health of
patients and has a great impact on their quality of life.
Moreover, statistical analyses tell us that the employment rate of graduates
in this course is very high already a few years after graduation.

What will you study

The master's degree in Dentistry and Prosthodontics trains new generations of dentists ready to work in private practice, research centers and public agencies.

The course includes:

  • basic sciences, to acquire principles about the structure and functioning of the human organism and the mechanisms underlying diseases
  • characterizing disciplines, which provide the skills necessary to develop diagnoses, to design and execute a proper treatment plan in the field of dentalstomatological diseases, and to rehabilitate partially and totally edentulous patients.

Alternating face-to-face lectures and pre-clinical and clinical (on-patient) practical exercises, the course ensures that each student possesses the theoretical fundamentals while gaining practical experience that will allow him or her an immediate entry into the world of work.

After graduation


Who is he


He is the medical doctor who specializes in the treatment of dental diseases.

What does he do?

  • Prevents, diagnoses, and treats diseases involving teeth, periodontal tissues, oral mucosa, masticatory muscles, and mandibular joints
  • prosthetically restores by reconstruction or replacement of severely damaged or missing teeth
  • imposes, especially in the developmental age, a correct spatial relationship between antagonistic dental arches by orthognathodontic treatment
  • has knowledge of management organization suitable for coordinating the activity of operating units in which various professionals such as dental hygienists, dental technicians, chairside assistants, and administrative staff are involved.

Where does he/she work?

He mainly works on a freelance basis. By acquiring a specialization inherent to Dentistry Dentistry can enter hospital public competitions. It can also access university careers.