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Notice of admission

The course in brief


The Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences takes the student toward a unified view of the life sciences and provides solid basic knowledge, preparatory to specialized studies. A characterizing objective is the acquisition of adequate confidence in the scientific method.

Learning by doing

Evaluation of laboratory activities such as chemical, biochemical and biomolecular analysis; statistical data processing; cell culture techniques; preparation and observation of histological, zoological and botanical preparations.

Professional outlets

The jr biologist applies the methodologies learned in the field of basic and applied scientific research in public and private facilities operating in biomedical, biotechnological and environmental fields.

Did you know that.

  • You will participate in seminars taught by our faculty and national and international experts
  • From theory to practice: many classroom lectures are complemented by exercises and workshops
  • You will not be alone! You will have experienced educational and reception tutors available to help you in this new and exciting reality


Biology prepares for many professions

The course aims to provide students with the cognitive, technical and behavioral skills necessary for understanding biological phenomena and is designed to provide adequate preparation for the following professionals: biologists, biochemists, botanists, zoologists, ecologists, and microbiologists.

A complex world

Through an initial common path, enriched from the second year with elective teachings that will allow specific insights in the general, environmental and molecular biological fields, students study biology in its different levels of complexity, from the very small to the very large. Lessons that provide knowledge useful for future professions and the ability to apply it consider aspects related to:

  • molecular and cellular organization
  • .
  • mechanisms of structural identity
  • organisms, species and their evolution
  • relationships between environment and living organisms
  • strategies of survival at the level of cell, organism, species, and community.


8762_Stefano Vanin
Welcome to the graduate program in biological sciences!

Course Coordinator

Where we are

The course takes place mainly at the

Department of Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences - DISTAV
Corso Europa 26
16132 Genova

Some lectures and/or laboratories are held at

Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry - DCCI
Via Dodecanese 31
16146 Genova

Department of Physics - DIFI
Via Dodecaneso 33
16146 Genova

Department of Health Sciences - DISSAL
Via Pastore 1
16132 Genova

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DISTAV Teaching Secretariat

Instructional Manager
Francesca Rossi