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Final project

What is

To be admitted to the final examination, you must have regularly attended the educational activities and earned the credits required by the regulations.

The final examination consists of the discussion, before a committee, of a paper on your experimental activity carried out in a university laboratory or outside UniGe.

The committee will evaluate your technical-scientific and professional preparation.


What to do to graduate


If you are an undergraduate you must:

  1. Deposit the title of the thesis
  2. Choose the graduate session
  3. .
  4. Fill out the AlmaLaurea questionnaire online
  5. Fill out the graduation application online
  6. In case you have books on loan, return them to the library
  7. .
  8. Fill out the assessment questionnaire for your course of study.


  1. Check that you are current with your tax payment
  2. .
  3. Pay the stamp tax of €16 for the issuance of the Graduation Diploma (payable through the online services - payment of fees and contributions)
  4. Check that you have taken all exams and educational activities
  5. Check that they are all marked on your online career.




The final evaluation is expressed in hundredths and takes into account:

  • your curriculum
  • demonstrated commitment to the stage
  • your ability to expose the work
  • the judgment of the doctoral tutor

The committee awards a maximum score for the final examination of 10 points.

In particular, you may be awarded:

  • 1 point if you have completed your studies within the prescribed time limit (3 academic years)
  • 1 point if you have completed a training period abroad (minimum 3 months)

When the score reaches (or exceeds) 110, the committee unanimously may award the lode upon the proposal of the lecturer.

N.B.You can graduate only if you have scored no less than 66 points out of 110.