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Master degree course
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The course in brief


The degree program aims to create an engineer prepared to manage the design and planning phases of the life cycle of many industrial processes and products. The training, which specializes in the three curricula "Design and Production," "Land Vehicles" in Genoa and "Mechatronics" in La Spezia, remains strongly multidisciplinary and allows for easy entry into the work environment.

Learning by doing

The student is trained on a solid technical and scientific foundation, applied in laboratory activities: mechanical measurements and characterization of materials, mechatronics, mechanical technologies including 3D printing, simulation for product and process design for logistics and plant engineering.

Professional outlets

The mechanical engineer is placed at the middle and upper levels of industrial production realities, among the manufacturers of means of transportation, power generation systems, machine tools including automatic ones (robots) and all industrial and technological components.

What you will learn

  • functional design of mechanical systems

    computer aided engineering, multibody analysis, optimization

  • technologies, metallic and polymeric materials

    Selection criteria, processing, destructive and non-destructive testing, defect analysis

  • plant design and management

    Energy and production facilities, management techniques

  • simulation for mechanical design

    Numerical techniques for structural analysis

  • basics of land vehicles

    Traction systems, aerodynamics, vehicle mechanics

  • mechatronics and automation

    design and implementation (HW and SW) of mechatronic applications

Did you know that.

  • Seminars by corporate speakers are often offered
  • Mechanical engineering graduates have among the highest employment rates one year after graduation
  • There are numerous opportunities for theses, internships and in-company placements
  • An introduction day to the world of work is planned


The mechanical engineer

The graduate in mechanical engineering - design and production is an expert in the research, design and technological development of machines and mechanical systems, particularly special and automatic machines, robots, industrial automation systems, vehicles and people and material handling systems, electromechanical and industrial systems and components. The mechanical engineer is concerned with their proper use in complex mechanical plants and systems and with the organization, planning, and economic evaluation of the production processes involved in making the designed components and systems.

The production process

These skills are acquired through advanced level training, which provides a comprehensive view of the integrated product and systems development process, in detail:

  • the lifecycle of products (design, choice of materials, production, testing and management in place, recovery and recycling)
  • the methodologies (computer-aided design and production tools)
  • integration with intelligent functions (control, measurements, drives, diagnostics).

Training includes hands-on activities in laboratories to apply basic knowledge. Further study is also possible through additional hands-on experience in companies during visits, internships, placements and theses.


            <div>Maximilian Avalle</div>
With us you will become an engineer able to operate in the present with high professionalism and to take up the challenges of the future, living them as a protagonist, thanks to a preparation based not so much on 'how it is done (today)' but rather on 'how it can be done (tomorrow)'. You will find a dynamic and collaborative environment, connected to a network of companies and research institutions, in which to gain experience already during your studies and make your skills count.

Course Coordinator

Where we are

Department of Mechanical, Energy, Management and Transportation Engineering - DIME
Via all'Opera Pia 15/A
16145 Genova

La Spezia campus - Mechatronics curriculum
La Spezia University Campus
Viale Nicolò Fieschi 16/18
19123 La Spezia
+39 0187 751265

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