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What you will study

The course in Speech Therapy trains health care professionals who are experts in the prevention and rehabilitation of speech and communication disorders in childhood, adulthood, and geriatric age.

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive training program in speech therapy.

Provides face-to-face lectures, hands-on laboratories and an intense professionalizing internship in accredited facilities.

Provides students with the basics of biological and pathological phenomena, the ability to be able to distinguish neuropsychological, speech, language, hearing, swallowing, and verbal articulation and fluency disorders, the skills to plan the evaluation and consequent rehabilitation program of the various deficits, and related legal-administrative knowledge.

The teachings are grouped into Integrated Courses, divided by areas. Learning assessment is by Integrated Course (IC).

The curriculum is predefined, except for 6 cfu - 2 per course year - which correspond to educational activities of students' choice. They can be monographic courses, extracurricular internships, extracurricular attendance as an intern in hospital or territorial health facilities.

The course concludes with a final exam with a qualifying value for the profession.