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The particularities of the Course of Study in Speech Therapy at the University of Genoa originate in its history.

Well before the health professions found their place in the university setting, there was the Direct School for Special Purposes for Speech Therapists, which originated and developed within the Neurological Clinic. Thus, regulatory changes were inserted on a teaching structure with a long tradition, closely associated with the Genovese University Neurological School.

The course in Speech Therapy in Genoa has naturally incorporated all the aspects indispensable to the training of the modern speech therapist, without neglecting any of them, but without losing the imprint that, in the pioneering era for the latter discipline, had characterized its origins. Along these lines is the emphasis on the theoretical-practical teaching of subjects related to neurology and clinical neuropsychology, which enable the student to learn about communication disorders due to diseases of the central nervous system in a more comprehensive neurocognitive perspective.