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Career perspectives

The graduate student in orthopedic techniques.

Who is he?

The Orthopedic Technician is the health professional who carries out his activity within the scope of the provisions of the Ministerial Decree of the Ministry of Health September 14, 1994 No. 742 and subsequent amendments and additions.

The professional operates on medical diagnosis and in compliance with the patient's therapeutic/rehabilitation plan, after autonomous and direct technical/clinical evaluation: designs, manufactures, adapts, applies and operates the supply and commissioning of all exoskeletal medical devices - of mechanical type or using external energy or mixed body and external energy, of functional or postural nature, which have a replacement, corrective, compensatory and support function of the locomotor apparatus - and technical aids produced for this purpose, including seating systems.

In particular:

  • devises, also in multidisciplinary team, the technical design of braces, orthoses, garrisons for overcoming the health needs of the disabled
  • practices autonomously therapeutic activities for the functional rehabilitation of motor, mental and mixed disabilities, with the aim of fostering the orthopedic-rehabilitation project
  • proposes the adoption of aids, trains the patient in their use and verifies their effectiveness
  • performs study, teaching, and professional consulting activities in health services
  • verifies the appropriateness of the rehabilitation methodology implemented with respect to the objectives of functional recovery.

Where does he/she work?

The Orthopedic Technician carries out professional activities in public and private business facilities registered with the Ministry of Health as manufacturers and distributors of customized medical devices, in agreement with ASL and INAIL.