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English assessment test

Certifications and exemptions

If you already have a valid B1 level certification (see list below) you must upload your certificate on the dedicated page of AulaWeb. If the certification is recognized as valid you will be exempt from the exam and the credits related to it will be recognized in your career.

Did you pass the Assessment test?

If you have passed the Assessment test:

  • you do not have to take the 1st year English 1 course
  • you only have to take the online Science English course on Aulaweb


You will be invited to attend a monitored online English Language B1 course, at the end of which, you will be able to access the B1 test again. If then, even that test is not passed, then you will be invited to enroll in a 40-hour in-person course that at the end again involves a dedicated B1 test

If you have a valid B1 certification

Upload here your certification.