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What you will study

The course is spread over three years and offers training in orthopedic technology, starting from the basics in medical science, up to the evaluation, design and application of custom-made medical devices and aids.

In the first year, propaedeutic disciplines and biomedical sciences are addressed to consolidate basic knowledge, including English and computer science; elements of first aid, health promotion, and occupational safety including radiation protection are also included.

The second year is aimed at the study of the methodologies peculiar to the professional profile also for the purpose of acquiring knowledge in the field of functional alterations related to the area of expertise.

The third year is focused on specialized study, professional practice and group work; the student can experience a gradual assumption of responsibility with expert supervision and the acquisition of methodological skills of scientific research to support thesis elaboration.

Education makes use of strong>strong integration with local, national, and international manufacturing realities through seminars, company visits, workshops, and internships. All students undertake a professional training internship.