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The course in brief


The course is characterized by a strong professionalizing value and a direct relationship with the labor market of the tourism sector, which increasingly feels the need for qualified operators.
In particular, Tourism Sciences trains specific professional figures with theoretical knowledge and fundamental operational skills in the areas of tourism and cultural activities, promotion of territories and related business activities.

Learning by doing

Many of the teachings offer seminar activities, meetings with institutions and companies, and guided tours.
Laboratory activities for second- and third-year students allow for the development of transversal skills, such as the ability to work in teams and problem solving.
A number of agreements are in place to conduct internships with companies, institutions or associations in the tourism sector.

Professional outlets

The tourism graduate can hold operational and/or managerial positions in the administrative, operational and commercial functions of companies in the tourism sector or in functions related to the design, organization and promotion of tourism products and services.

Did you know that.

  • The tourism sector generates more than 10 percent of the wealth produced annually in our country and employs about 2,700,000 people
  • Italy ranks as the fifth most visited country in the world behind France, the United States, Spain and China
  • Teachers periodically meet with representatives of the world of work and professions through the Consulta


The course is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach and a solid basic preparation in the fields of economics, business, law and socio-psycho-anthropology, in addition to the study of foreign languages: English, French and Russian (optional).
To this are added specific cultural skills - geographical, historical, artistic - and basic knowledge in the field of information technology applied to multimedia in tourism.


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Welcome to the Bachelor of Science in Tourism: Business, Culture and Territory!". You can acquire the professional knowledge and skills to work in the field of tourism and cultural activities, territory promotion and related organizational and entrepreneurial activities.

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Department of Economics
University of Imperia
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18100 Imperia

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