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Admission criteria and procedure

1. Read the admission requirements

You can only enter this course if you have earned a bachelor's degree or equivalent (pre-doctoral degree, university diploma - 3 years, direct school for special purposes - 3 years) and if you meet the following specific requirements.

Did you get your degree abroad?

If you have graduated abroad, you will have to take a Italian language proficiency test.

If you graduated in Italy, continue reading.

Curricular requirements

You can access this course if:

  • you hold one of these titles:
    • degree belonging to class L-17, Architectural Science
    • a degree belonging to class 4, Architectural and Construction Engineering Sciences
    • a three-year university degree that allows the recognition of 108 CFUs related to educational activities essential for the class L-17 Architectural Sciences
    • Italian or foreign degree that allows the recognition of the 108 CFUs related to educational activities indispensable for the class L-17 Architectural Sciences
    • five-year single-cycle degree from classes 4/S or LM-4, for the sole purpose of obtaining a second degree
  • you have passed the admission test for the course of study with the explicit direct purpose "for the training of architect," as regulated by the Ministry. Regarding the compulsory nature of the admission test, please refer to the provisions at the national level that allow admission to the years after the first on the basis of available seats.
  • You know a language of the European Union, in addition to Italian, with minimum level B1. Knowledge must be certified in the curriculum or with a certificate issued by a certifying body (IELTS, TOEFL, PET)

If you are an undergraduate student in the L-17 Science of Architecture class (ex DM 270/2004), the curricular requirements required consist of the acquisition of at least 154 CFU.

2. Register and pre-register

Per iscriverti a questo corso di studio è necessario effettuare la procedura online che comprende la registrazione e la pre-immatricolazione (guarda il TUTORIAL).

UniGe Portal Registration

If you have never been enrolled at the University of Genoa, access the UniGe Portal and get your UniGePASS credentials (for more information you can watch the TUTORIAL).


Make apply for pre-registration using the UniGePASS credentials you received with your registration.

3. View the outcomes of the requirements assessment


If you graduated from UniGe you can proceed with the confirmation of enrollment. If you have graduated from another University, you must wait for the Commission to unlock the online service "Enrollment" (within ten working days at most) and then you can complete your enrollment in this Course by proceeding with the confirmation.

You must undergo verification of the adequacy of the graduate's personal preparation. When the Commission has unblocked the online service "Enrollment" (within ten working days at most) you can complete the enrollment for this Course by proceeding with the confirmation.

It means that you do not meet the curricular requirements and cannot enroll in this course of study.

You will need to supplement your curriculum by enrolling in individual educational activities as you partially meet the curricular requirements.

If you pass the individual educational activities by the start of classes in the second semester, you can enroll in the first year of your course in the current a.y..
. Otherwise, you must register for the first year of the course in the following a.y..