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Other activities

What are

To acquire additional knowledge, the Course provides for your participation in some activities to be carried out outside the teaching activity, with a recognition of CFUs proportional to the commitment required by the activity itself.

Normally 1 CFU is worth 25 hours of certified activity, when not expressly specified by certificates and attendance certifications.

Recognized activities

Recognized activities can be:

  • masters
  • further education courses
  • workshops
  • organized educational trips
  • meetings, seminars and conferences
  • extracurricular courses with face-to-face teaching (without examination)
  • certifications of language skills
  • certifications of computer skills
  • certifications of other skills

To learn more, please read carefully the Regulations for Awarding Training Credits "Other Educational Activities and "Formative Internship".

Proposals Other activities

Below you will find some activities that you can follow remotely.

Referral: DICCA Department, UniGe

Period and mode of delivery:Available online at Aulaweb and usable from Monday, May 3 to Friday, June 4, 2021

Credits awarded: 1 CFU

Mode of credit registration: you have to ask the counter to make a change of curriculum and move the credit from supplement to other activities

To learn more and know the object of the activity read carefully the course program

When:September 6-10, 2021

The workshop is aimed at contributing analysis and proposals to a process of urban redevelopment and regeneration. The study area is encompassed within an irregular polygon with the south side coinciding with the new Guido Rossa Slip Road, which delimits the Cornigliano neighborhood towards the sea, the east side coinciding with the right bank of the Polcevera stream, and the remaining sides, to the west and north, coinciding with the first bangs of the Sestri and Borzoli settlements, along a jagged line that divides the built fabric from the green fabric.

In a relatively short time the new railway stop will be activated, which will radically change Cornigliano's centrality to the city. Some working themes are proposed.

The old town and the bus shed area

The resilient city: inter-ethnic and inter-generational housing models. New models of living: youth residences, co-housing and similar forms of sharing, inter-ethnic and inter-generational integration, collective services.

Redevelopment of the area contiguous to the future railway stop: hybrid buildings; coexistence of downsized bus depot with qualifying urban-scale services.

Interstitial spaces in urban peripheries. Virtuous models of regeneration

Light regeneration scenarios for the Campi area

Transformations and possible ways of reuse in prefabricated buildings without total demolition;

Rolla Street area (former water purifier) as a potential link between the neighborhood and the Campi area.

The green fabric. An environmental and economic resource for the neighborhood

Study on the Coronata hill and the network of connection with the neighborhood and the ongoing development of the "underbridge" are.

- The area between valletta Rio San Pietro and Borzoli: evolutionary scenarios of use and maintenance of identity.

Organization:University of Genoa, ILAUD


  • University of Genoa, Department of Architecture and Design: Giovanna Franco
  • ILAUD: Paolo Ceccarelli, Francesco De Agostini, Marco Guarino
  • University of Florence: Giacomo Pirazzoli
  • Politecnico di Milano: Pilar Guerrieri
  • University of Westminster, School of Architecture and Cities: Giulio Verdini
  • Bauhaus-Universität Weimar: Piero Sassi
  • Municipio di Cornigliano: Mario Bianchi, Maria Luisa Centofanti

Manner of conduct:The workshop will be held in a mixed mode, in-person for Unige students and distance for students from foreign universities. The in-presence work will be conducted in situ, in the hall of Villa Spinola, Cornigliano City Hall, 14 Narisano Street. To enable participation of foreign universities and those unable to attend in-person, the Microsoft Teams xwapa0r

Material:Preparatory material will be uploaded to the Files section of the Teams channel


  • September 6: Workshop introduction, introduction by Paolo Ceccarelli (ILAUD President), Giovanna Franco (dAD), Mario Bianchi (City Hall President), Maria Luisa Centofanti (City Hall Councillor), Marco Guarino (ILAUD). Visit to the study area.
  • September 7-8: Group work under the supervision of faculty and ILAUD members and meeting with privileged actors from the world of associations and the third sector. Mid-afternoon review critics with experts and external faculty
  • September 10: group work and final presentation

Credits other educational activities: 2 CFUs

Registrations:For registrations write email with your name, surname and matriculation number to:

Eventually, you can identify other activities on your own and contact via email the Course Committee who will assess the appropriateness of the topics.

N.B. Visit the Aulaweb page for CFU recognition.

CFU Recognition

Once you have acquired credits for Other Activities, to request their registration in your study plan, you will need to:

  1. access the Student Plaza of UniGe
  2. select your course of study (and, if present, your curriculum)
  3. .
  4. follow the directions given for recording CFUs in your study plan