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Programme overview


The Master Degree Programme in Materials Science and Technology is highly interdisciplinary between the sectors of chemistry, physics, engineering relevant to the study and use of materials, It includes many laboratory activities and the thesis undertaken either in research groups or at local companies.

There are two curricula: one in Italian delivered entirely in Genoa and one in English with an international mobility path. The latter awards a multiple degree

Learning by doing

You will learn how to use scientific and technological instrumentation for the synthesis and characterization of materials for specific applications thanks to the laboratory activities foreseen in various courses and  during the thesis. The latter may deal either with fundamental or applied topics related to the research activities present in Genoa and in the partner Universities for the international curriculum, possibly in collaboration with local companies.

Career perspectives

The Programme trains graduates specialists in research and / or technologies able to fit into roles of responsibility and / or research in the areas of quality control and assurance, design and production of materials and modeling of their properties. Graduates will also be able to pursue studies with a PhD in Materials Sciences or related topics.

What you will learn

  • Condensed matter physics

    Structures of solids: thermal, electronic and optical properties

  • Physics for materials

    Nanostructures and materials for energy, photonics and electronics

  • Physical Chemistry

    Diffraction from crystalline structures, properties of colloids

  • Polymeric materials

    Synthesis, characterization, advanced applications of polymers

  • Processes of production and transformation

    Advanced manufacturing, metallurgy, materials for catalysis

  • Preparation and characterization of materials

    Laboratories on polymers, matter physics, biophysics, catalysis

  • Functional materials

    Innovative materials for sustainable development

  • Modeling

    Programming and modeling of material properties

  • Further skills

    Economics of production processes, joining techniques

  • Team work

    Thesis in a research group or in a company

Did you know that...

  • The employment rate is 94.7% after three years (Alma Laurea 2021)
  • The international curriculum (Serp+) awards the degree of high rank European Universities
  • Our graduates often change job, proceed in their career and increase their salary
  • A significant part of our  graduates attend a Ph D programme in Italy or abroad
  • Thanks to our international collaborations you will be able to do your thesis project abroad


General learning outcomes

  • You will get interdisciplinary skills in the fields of chemistry, physics and engineering  allowing you to quickly integrate into companies.  You will contribute to the solution of problems related to the development, production and quality control of materials.
  • You will be able to gain specific skills in the following sectors: polymeric materials, metallic materials, novel and nanostructured materials, materials and devices for energy, materials for biomedical applications.

Overview of the programme

  • Most compulsory courses are concentrated in the first year. By  classroom and laboratory activities these courses provide an advanced and integrated training in chemistry and physics of solids, quantum physics and physical chemistry to understand the correlation between structure and properties of materials.
  • Further compulsory and optional courses are scheduled  in the first or second year of the programme. These courses provide knowledge and skills on advanced production and manufacturing technologies, on methods of preparation and instrumental characterization and on methods for simulating the properties of materials. 
  • Thanks to the wide choice of optional courses and to the Thesis you will be able to focus your training in various directions: metals and alloys, polymers for electronics, materials and devices for energy and sustainable development and for photonics. You will also study the  interaction of materials with photons and electrons.

Head of programme

9017_Luca Vattuone

Welcome to our Master! You will study in a stimulating and student-friendly environment, in close contact with teachers and acquire an  interdisciplinary training which is esteemed  by companies and research institutes.
Thanks to the flexibility of the path and to the many research activities present in Genoa and in the Universities of the international curriculum you can focus your study plan according to your interests and become specialists in research or in technology of materials.

Head of programme

Where to find us

Sede UniGe di Valletta Puggia

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