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Admission criteria and procedure

Admission requirements

You can enter this course if you have earned a bachelor's degree or equivalent (pre-doctoral degree, university diploma - 3 years, direct school for special purposes - 3 years) and if you meet the specific requirements.

Did you get your degree abroad?

If you graduated abroad, you will have to take a proof of Italian language skills.

If you graduated in Italy, continue reading.

To enroll in the course, you must have a degree in Italy (laurea triennale ex DM 509 or 270, laurea specialistica or magistrale a ciclo unico ex DM 509 or 270, 4-, 5- or 6-year degree of the old system) or an equivalent foreign degree.

To be admitted, you will need to demonstrate that you have acquired at least 70 CFUs in the following areas:

  • FIS/01, FIS/02, FIS/03, FIS/07
  • CHIM/01, CHIM/02, CHIM/03, CHIM/04, CHIM/06, CHIM/07, CHIM/12
  • MAT/02, MAT/03, MAT/05, MAT/06, MAT/07, MAT/08
  • ICAR/08
  • ING-IND/06, ING-IND/09, ING-IND/10, ING-IND/11, ING-IND/12, ING-IND/13, ING-IND/14, ING-IND/16, ING-IND/21, ING-IND/22, ING-IND/23, ING-IND/24, ING-IND/25, ING-IND/27, ING-IND/31, ING-INF/01, ING-INF/02, ING-INF/06, ING-INF/07

of which:

  • at least 12 in MAT sectors
  • at least 12 in FIS sectors
  • at least 6 in CHIM sectors

An English language proficiency level of not less than B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is required for admission.

If you do not meet the specific curricular requirements, you may eventually attend individual courses and successfully take the relevant exam before enrolling in the Master's degree.

Do you have an Italian degree with non-credit systems, or degrees obtained abroad?

The CCS will assign to each educational activity acquired a scientific-disciplinary field and a value in CFUs.

Do you already have a degree from UniGe?"


Degrees obtained from UniGe in:

Automatically meet curricular requirements.
  • Materials Science, class L-25 - Physical Science and Technology (former DM 509/99)
  • .
  • Materials Science, class L-30 - Physical Sciences and Technologies (former DM 270/04)
  • class L-27 - Chemical Sciences and Technologies
  • class L-9 - Industrial engineering

Graduates in Italy in the Materials Science class established by DM 146 of 9/2/21 automatically fulfill the curricular requirements.
Graduates in the degree classes Physical Science and Technology, Chemical Science and Technology, and Industrial Engineering have curricula that usually meet the minimum requirements, but verification will be done on a case-by-case basis.


Did you graduate from Italy in Physical Science and Technology, Chemical Science and Technology, Industrial Engineering?"


You should meet the minimum requirements, but verification will be done on a case-by-case basis.


Continue reading.

The SERP+ Master's program is open to excellent students from Europe and beyond. The main criterion for admission is to have a bachelor's degree, corresponding to 180 CFUs, in:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics with elements of chemistry
  • Materials Science
  • Materials Engineering

You will need to demonstrate proficiency in written and spoken English. The selection of applications will be carried out by a special international committee.

Applications to follow the entire program from applicants with professional experience will also be considered. Selection will be made using the following criteria:

  • 50% achievement in academic examinations
  • 20% reference letter
  • 10% English
  • 10% motivation letter
  • 10% involvement in associations, networks or other extra-curricular activities showing leadership aptitude and dynamic character

The application is done online with the ability to upload documents and track the status of the application.

When you apply, you will need to upload the following documents:

  • copy of your passport
  • curriculum vitae (max 2 pages)
  • statement of personal motivation
  • copy of highest educational qualification obtained
  • copy of degree certificate with transcript of records of examinations taken and relative grade achieved with an attached explanation of the grading system in force at the home university
  • knowledge of written and spoken English at least at the B2 level (demonstrated by possession of TOEFL or IELTS certifications or, Cambridge certificates)
  • .
  • Reference letter and contact information of a contact person

The selection will be handled by the International Selection Committee composed of a faculty member from each partner institution.

The commissioners will have online access to the files you have uploaded and will be able to give their assessment. Each application will be reviewed by at least two commissioners from different partner institutions. The results will be recorded on the platform and discussed at a meeting where the final decision will be made.

The committee will prepare a list of selected students and a reserve list. The selection committee will ensure that gender balance is respected and that no group of EU or non-EU citizens is excluded or disadvantaged.

You will be notified of the selection result by e-mail as soon as possible.
If you are admitted, you will have to register with the universities where you will attend the different semesters (first to third, the fourth being dedicated to the dissertation).

Only these institutions will issue you a diploma. You will have to compulsorily attend semesters in at least two universities in the consortium.

The documents required for registration are listed on the website and will be emailed to you before the semester begins.

Before registration, you will have to pay the registration fees.

For more information regarding the application process see the SERP+ website. In case you have any doubts or questions regarding the admission procedure you can write to

2. Register and pre-register

Per iscriverti a questo corso di studio è necessario effettuare la procedura online che comprende la registrazione e la pre-immatricolazione (guarda il TUTORIAL).

UniGe Portal Registration

If you have never been enrolled at the University of Genoa, access the UniGe Portal and get your UniGePASS credentials (for more information you can watch the TUTORIAL).


Make apply for pre-registration using the UniGePASS credentials you received with your registration.