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Projects proposals

Course Lecturers publish their proposed research thesis topics. For any further information, you can contact the Lecturers by email or during office hours.

The list is constantly being updated.

Dr. Enrico Albanesi Constitutional Law I:
- general constitutional law (system of sources, order of the state, form of government, regionalism, constitutional court, freedoms)
Legislative technique:
- system of sources, legislative procedures and form of government
- formal and substantive drafting
- mechanisms of regulatory simplification
Prof. Pasquale Costanzo - constitutional reforms and globalization
- aspects and problems of constitutional justice, including in the supranational and comparative perspective
- internet
- constitutionalization of the European Union
Prof. Alberto Marcheselli - Progressivity and qualitative discrimination of incomes as instruments of implementation of tax justice
- The principle of adversarial debate in tax administrative proceedings
- Obligations of cooperation and "right to silence" in tax administrative proceedings
- The legal regime of "proceeds" of tax violations
- Ne bis in idem and repression of financial violations
- 'Budgetary balance, protection of the EU's financial interests and 'fair taxation'
- Investigative violations, usability of illegally acquired data and validity of tax assessment notice
Prof. Lara Trucco - multilevel protections of fundamental rights
- electoral and constitutional reforms
- form of government
- sources of law and regulatory drafting