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Info 2024/2025

Duration 2 years
CFU 120
Class LM-12
Classe delle lauree magistrali in DESIGN (DESIGN)
Access Admission test
Available places EU Students 20
EU Students 16
Non-EU Students 4
Locations LA SPEZIA
Language Italian
Teaching mode Tradizionale
Taxes and fees From 0 to 3,000 a year. Find out if you qualify for grants ed exemptions
Student exchange International destinations and partners
Contacts Read more here

The Course in Brief


The course offers multidisciplinary training. Communication skills combined with the ability to build and control innovative scenarios allow the yacht-designer to also work in the world of interior design and cruise ships. The employment rate is very high both nationally and internationally.


Learning by doing

Design experience application labs and workshops are the basis of the "learning by doing" principle. During these activities, in addition to getting involved, you will be able to collaborate and share your ideas with faculty and industry professionals or companies, model, 3D print and prototype your designs.  You will also be able to participate in university regattas, educational cruises, do a training internship in shipyards or professional firms, and start the exchange program to obtain a double degree with ISD Rubika-Valenciennes.

Professional outlets

Freelance, employment with public and private entities, design firms and companies operating in the area of Naval and Nautical Design, but also Communication Design (visual and multimedia). Employment with different roles at the Nautical and Naval Shipyards, companies in the nautical, naval subcontracting and its allied industries.

What you will learn

laboratori di design

progettazione yacht e superyacht, tendenze per il futuro ma anche restauro, refitting, tecniche costruttive, sostenibilità e processi produttivi

progettazione intensiva

lavorerai con i maggiori Cantieri Nautici del territorio mettendoti in gioco e cercando di rispondere alle loro richieste con un progetto breve full immersion

strumenti e discipline culturali per il design

storia della scienza e delle costruzioni navali dall'antichità ai giorni nostri e storia dell'arte e della grafica contemporanea in relazione al settore nautico

strumenti e discipline tecniche per il design

progettazione esecutiva, sostenibilità e LCA delle imbarcazioni da diporto


interior design superyacht e navi da crociera

Did you know that.

Unico nel panorama nazionale ed europeo

Il 90% dei laureati trova occupazione entro un anno dal conseguimento del titolo

Puoi lavorare a stretto contatto con il mondo delle professioni nautiche già durante i laboratori di design e la progettazione intensiva

Puoi ottenere la doppia laurea grazie a un accordo con l'istituto ISD Rubika-Valenciennes

Puoi stampare in 3D i modelli dei tuoi progetti

Molti studenti si sono distinti in premi e concorsi di Design nazionali e internazionali

Con il progetto "1000 e 1 vela" puoi costruire in team la barca per partecipare alle regate universitarie



The design of a boat, whatever its size, involves diverse and multifaceted knowledge. A boat is simultaneously a means of transportation and a living environment; it lives on the water and yet relates to the coasts. The range of objects of study and design presents a great variety: from the luxury yacht to the interiors of ships intended to accommodate tourism, but also schools or hospitals; from the performance boat to the design of the accessory, component or new mode of transport on water.


The study of context, scenario building, and the ability to represent and communicate are part of the graduate's preparation, without forgetting the cultural roots and historical knowledge that characterize the field. 
The student learns to understand contexts of use, outline trend lines, imagine modes of use, and create new services and products.


The graduate acquires the skills necessary to conceive, design and implement interior and exterior design of boats and recreational vessels, manage the evolution of the project considering the production processes and the many dynamics involved in its realization, develop an ability to effectively communicate project and product content.


Maria Carola Morozzo al Salone Nautico di Genova

Welcome to the Master's Degree Course in Naval and Nautical Design. In recent years we have brought into the sector professional figures who have been protagonists of cultural enrichment and bearers of innovation in an industrial sector in which Italy excels worldwide. If you want to turn your passion for yachts into a profession, the course will provide you with the methodological and technical tools to do so. It will not be a walk in the park, but it will certainly be a rich experience and an opportunity for growth in a privileged training context.

Maria Carola Morozzo

Where we are

University Campus La Spezia
. Nicolò Fieschi Avenue 16/18
19123 La Spezia
+39 0187 751265

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University Campus La Spezia
Nicolò Fieschi Avenue 16/18
19123 La Spezia