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Other activities

What are

To acquire additional knowledge, the Course provides for your participation in some activities to be carried out outside the teaching activity, with a recognition of CFUs proportional to the commitment required by the activity itself.

Normally 1 CFU is worth 25 hours of certified activity, when not expressly specified by certificates and attendance certifications.

Recognized activities

Recognized activities can be:

  • masters
  • further education courses
  • workshops
  • organized educational trips
  • meetings, seminars and conferences
  • extracurricular courses with face-to-face teaching (without examination)
  • certifications of language skills
  • certifications of computer skills
  • certifications of other skills

To learn more, please read carefully the Regulations for Awarding Training Credits "Other Educational Activities and "Formative Internship".

Proposals Other activities

Below you will find some activities that you can follow remotely.

Referral: DICCA Department, UniGe

Period and mode of delivery:Available online at Aulaweb and usable from Monday, May 3 to Friday, June 4, 2021

Credits awarded: 1 CFU

Mode of credit registration: you have to ask the counter to make a change of curriculum and move the credit from supplement to other activities

To learn more and know the object of the activity read carefully the course program

CFU Recognition

Once you have acquired credits for Other Activities, you will need to contact the Coordinator, Prof. Andrea Ratti and the La Spezia Teaching Office via email to request their registration in your study plan.

The credits of Other Activities will be registered in your study plan when you have passed English Language 2 and done the internship.