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Assessment of Adequacy of Personal Readiness

What is

The Assessment of Adequacy of Personal Readiness is the tool provided by the Educational Regulations to assess your preparation for the purpose of matriculation to the Master's Degree.

How it works

To prepare for the test, we suggest you consult the page dedicated to Advised Knowledge.

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The verification is based on an analysis, by the LM Admission Committee, of the previous curriculum and the syllabus of the examinations taken in the MAT/* areas in relation to the knowledge required in the Syllabus.

The outcome of the verification may be one of the following:

1. unconditional admission to the LM

2. admission to the LM conditional on the submission of a personalised study plan aimed at making up for any missing knowledge

3. non-admission to the LM subject to the submission of a supplementary course of study designed to make up any deficiencies in relation to the Syllabus. In this case, you will be advised to enrol in single educational activities aimed at admission to the Master's degree courses (so-called "bridging career")  (for further information please consult the relevant section on the enrolment page)


4. non-admission to the LM if your previous preparation is deemed insufficient for the Master's degree course in Mathematics.

 If you are admitted, the committee may indicate:

  • the list of activatable courses that you cannot include in your study plan because you have already covered the topics in a previous course
  • .
  • depending on the outcome of the test, you may be advised to carry out remedial activities under the supervision of a tutor to be agreed with the LM Admissions Committee

Per prepararti

We advise you to prepare by comparing your already acquired knowledge with what is required by the Syllabus.  

Dove e quando

La verifica si svolge a ottobre 2023 o febbraio 2024. Dovrai indicare il periodo scelto nella domanda di ammissione.

La Verifica viene svolta dalla Commissione Ammissione LM e ti verrà comunicato il risultato via mail.

L’eventuale colloquio orale si svolgerà al DIMA (Dipartimento di Matematica), Via Dodecaneso 35 - Genova - in una data che concorderai con la Commissione.


Per saperne di più

Per eventuali dubbi puoi contattare il coordinatore della laurea magistrale in Matematica, scrivendo a