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Info 2024/2025

Duration 2 years
CFU 120
Class LM-40
Classe delle lauree magistrali in MATEMATICA (MATHEMATICS)
Access Free access
Locations GENOVA
Language Italian
Teaching mode Tradizionale
Head of programme ERNESTO DE VITO
Taxes and fees From 0 to 3,000 a year. Find out if you qualify for grants ed exemptions
Student exchange International destinations and partners
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The course in brief


In the two years of the master's degree, one can choose specialization paths in various directions, particularly aimed at research, teaching, and applications of mathematics in technologically advanced areas.

Learning by doing

With the proposed exercises, students can test their preparation and gain autonomy. Group work is encouraged. With the professionalizing modules, one can have a first experience of the world of work.

Professional outlets

Graduates are required in companies and research centers to perform modeling-mathematical support, in the field of science popularization, and in public administration. They can also carry out mathematical teaching and research.

What you will learn


come descrivere in modo astratto un problema reale


come affrontare un problema matematico


come risolvere un problema matematico


come insegnare un argomento matematico


come presentare un argomento matematico


come spiegare un argomento matematico

Did you know that.

Uno dei tre curricula è dedicato all'insegnamento della matematica

L'Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica bandisce borse di studio per studenti iscritti al corso di laurea magistrale

Sono molti i moduli professionalizzanti offerti al DIMA

Puoi scegliere tra più di 10 Università straniere per svolgere la tesi in Erasmus

I laureati in matematica trovano lavoro in moltissimi settori di impiego


The strengths of the Mathematics graduate are versatility, problem approach and reasoning skills, which he or she can apply even in non-mathematical areas to tackle the most diverse problems.

The course is divided into the curricula:

  • General Mathematics: provides solid and broad skills in the traditional topics of mathematics, with acquisition of the relevant tools and methods of investigation, and initiates research in at least one of the areas of the discipline, with a preparation suitable for further studies (PhD or master's degrees both in Italy and abroad)
  • Applied Mathematics: provides the basis for modeling and solving problems of applicative and technological impact by means of computational and statistical-probabilistic methods, within the framework of an interdisciplinary approach in which teamwork is also appropriately valued
  • Mathematics Teaching: deepens knowledge of the mathematical-scientific method and its historical evolution, developing specific skills for communicating mathematical methods and problem solving and for teaching in secondary school.

Special emphasis is given to topics on which the Genoa course has an important tradition or has acquired new scientific skills. It thus ensures an advanced preparation that is constantly updated with the latest developments in the subject by preparing the natural fit into the work of the mathematician.


Welcome to the master's degree program in Mathematics! Our faculty are strongly committed to blending academic teaching with their own research activities. You will be able to hone your mathematical knowledge in the fields that interest you most, from the most abstract to the most applied, while studying in a collaborative atmosphere in which you share enthusiasm for every aspect of mathematics.

Ernesto De Vito

Where we are

Department of Mathematics - DIMA
. Via Dodecaneso 35
16146 Genoa

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. Master's Degree Admissions Committee Manager
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