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Admission criteria and procedure

1. Read admission requirements

You can enter this course if you have earned a bachelor's degree from an Italian university (three-year degree according to Ministerial Decree DM 509/1999 or DM 270/2004, specialist or Master's degree according to Ministerial Decree 509/1999 or DM 270/2004, single degree of the old system) or a foreign degree considered equivalent. The equivalence of foreign degrees is determined by analyzing the corresponding transcript of records.

Only Italian students are entitled to conditional enrollment, provided that the degree is obtained within the deadline set each year by the decree of the Rector of the University of Genoa or by the Council of the DCCI, if this deadline is earlier than the one set by the University. Only students who have already completed all the coursework (CFUs) provided for in their study plan by the deadline set each year in the study manifesto (normally in October, immediately before the start of lectures), with the exception of a limited number set from year to year and indicated in the said manifesto, will be admitted for conditional enrollment. All extracurricular CFUs and CFUs counted toward the final exam will not be included in the calculation of required CFUs.

Admission to the Master of Science degree program in Sustainable Polymer and Process Chemistry requires possession of:

  • specific curricular requirements;
  • adequate individual preparation;
  • a sufficient level of practical experience, e.g. through participation in courses with laboratory exercises;
  • knowledge of the English language, including specialized lexicons, at level B2 or higher.


Did you get your degree abroad?

If you have graduated abroad, you will have to take a Italian language proficiency test.


If you graduated in Italy, continue reading.

Specific requirements

To enroll in this course you must meet the following curricular requirements:

  • new or old degree (bachelor's degree ex DM 509 or 270 or single-cycle bachelor's degree ex DM 509 or 270 or 4-, 5- or 6-year degree of the old system)
  • degree awarded abroad or other equivalent academic degree
  • knowledge of the English language, including specialized lexicons, at level B2 or higher
  • have at least 50 credit points (CFU) or equivalent knowledge in the scientific subject areas (SSD) CHIM/01-12 and/or ING-IND/21-27
  • have at least 15 CFU or equivalent knowledge in the SSD MAT/01-09, FIS/01-08 and INF/01; of the total of 15 CFU, at least 6 CFU must be in the SSD MAT/01-09 and at least 6 CFU in the SSD FIS/01-08

CFUs may also have been earned by participating in more than one degree program or by enrolling in individual courses. Validation of CFUs shall follow recognition of individually certified occupational knowledge and skills in accordance with applicable regulations on the subject, as well as other knowledge and skills acquired through postsecondary educational activities at the university level.
If the CFUs were obtained more than 10 years ago, the CCS will decide on the possible obsolescence of the content.
In the case of Italian degrees obtained with non-credit systems or abroad, the CCS assigns a scientific-disciplinary area and a value in CFUs to each educational activity acquired.
For applications for admission that meet the curricular requirements, the adequacy of the individual preparation is verified in accordance with Art. 6, paragraph 2 of Ministerial Decree 270/2004. This review is based on an analysis of the applicant's curriculum vitae and academic performance, as well as an assessment of the knowledge and skills acquired in the disciplines relevant to SMART.