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What you will study

In the three years of the course, basic disciplines the same in all health professions are covered, covering subjects fundamental to understanding anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, biology, genetics, and the main metabolic cycles of the human body. Starting in the second semester of the first year, specific and professionalizing skills for the Laboratory Technician are also acquired through the study of the different branches of Laboratory Medicine.

The subjects characterizing the profession are taught by faculty members who belong to this professional profile, specialize in the different laboratory disciplines, and apply the subjects covered in the different specialized laboratories.

The professionalizing internship

The professional practical training has compulsory attendance for all the hours stipulated in the course regulations and is spread over the three years. In the first year it provides a total of 375 hours of attendance in the laboratory areas related to Basic Clinical Pathology. In the second and third years, for about 570 hours of internship each year, field training covers the specialized laboratories of Pathologic Anatomy, Microbiology, Clinical Pathology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cytofluorimetry, Gas Chromatography and Immunohematology.

The internship is divided into three years.

The internship takes place at National Health Service Institutions in all provinces of Liguria that have an agreement with the University. Students can choose the location closest to their residence, so as to limit commuting to the months dedicated to attendance of frontal teaching, which is mandatory for 75% of the hours included in the study plan.