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The complexity of designing and building safe, efficient and sustainable works requires figures with multidisciplinary and innovative skills. The Course offers a curriculum based on interdisciplinarity, which transcends the historically sectorial domains of architects and engineers to cultivate different skills in an integrated manner.

The only one of its kind in Italy, the course allows three-year architecture graduates to obtain a master's degree in Building Engineering-Architecture and access to the State Examination for registration in the Register of Engineers and the Register of Architects.

The faculty includes university professors of international profile in research, together with highly qualified external professionals, to provide a comprehensive and professionalizing preparation. The relationship with the world of work is also fostered through a curricular internship in companies, in Italy or abroad.

Our environment is organized to promote student collaboration through group work in laboratories, technical visits and workshops.

Master's degree graduates in architecture can pursue a second master's degree in Building Engineering-Architecture by taking exams related to technical-scientific and structural subjects. The study plan will be evaluated by a special teaching committee of the course of study.