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What you will study

General contents of En2 course

The course is designed for students seeking high qualification in:

  • theoretical-scientific aspects of both the basic engineering disciplines and those relating to energy engineering
  • advanced engineering skills aimed at components and systems for energy generation, transformation, transport and distribution
  • technical and management skills for the final use of energy in the various industrial and civil sectors
  • updated knowledge of technological developments relating to renewable sources (hydraulic, geothermal, solar thermal, photovoltaic, wind, biomass and biofuels) and the energy use of waste
  • ability to combine the problems of environmental compatibility with the needs of energy production and industrial production
  • fundamentals on interdisciplinary topics such as electrical systems, chemical processes, instruments and systems for environmental control and monitoring, management and economic methodologies, life cycle analyses

Professional skills

The following professional skills will be gained:

  • Planning and selection, design, installation and testing of energy system components
  • Configuration and optimization of systems for the conversion of both fossil and renewable energy
  • Sizing and design of energy cogeneration systems
  • Sizing and design of energy transport and distribution systems
  • Sizing of integrated systems in the field of renewable energy and energy storage techniques
  • Development and application of technologies for controlling and reducing emissions and reducing environmental impacts
  • Development and application of energy technologies in the biomass and biofuels sector
  • Design and sizing of systems for energy saving and energy production in civil and industrial buildings
  • Management of projects for the exploitation of renewable energy sources and their integration into the energy distribution network
  • Management of energy flows and reduction of consumption