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Assessment of Adequacy of Personal Readiness

What is

The Assessment of Adequacy of Personal Readiness is the tool provided by the Educational Regulations to assess your preparation for the purpose of matriculation to the Master's Degree.

Who should conduct the Verification

How to access

To take the Verification of Adequacy of Graduate Personal Readiness you must make the pre-registration so as to be on the lists of students who must take the test.

Following that, if the test is successful, you must confirm your matriculation.

For pre-registration and the test you will not have to pay anything. Payment of the registration fee and regional fee is due at the time of confirmation of registration.

You must pay the registration fee and regional fee.

N.B.: Pre-registration and verification of personal preparation adequacy are free of charge. Payment of the application fee and regional fee is expected at the time of confirmation of registration.

How it works

If the admission criteria are met, candidates will have to take a requisite assessment before a committee to ascertain their general knowledge.

The assessment of the requirements consists of a written test (possibly also in telematic mode) aimed at ascertaining the candidate's general knowledge with particular reference to the knowledge of the fundamental notions and applied and professional aspects related to engineering subjects and is held before a committee designated by the Graduate Council in accordance with the provisions of the Graduate Course Regulations.

Curriculum and academic preparation will be evaluated on the following subjects:

  • Applied thermodynamics and heat transfer
  • Energy systems and machines
  • Electrical systems
  • Chemical processes

Appropriate English language proficiency is ascertained by appropriate certifications held by the student, obtained not more than 3 years ago, or, in the absence of these, by verification by the University Language Center (University Language Skills Development Sector). Possession of a bachelor's degree in English satisfies the language proficiency requirement, but passing the English B2 test, periodically organized by the University Language Center, is still recommended.

Where and when

Candidates must send an e-mail to the Savona Student Office ( within a specified time period (10 days to 3 days before the test date) to confirm their attendance. The email should have "En2 Admission Test" as the subject line.

The upcoming admission test dates are:

  • Friday, January 12 2024
  • Friday, January 26 2024
  • Friday, February 23 2024
  • Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Candidates will receive directions on where the tests will be held (online at Microsoft Teams or in a department classroom).

For conditionally accepted students, bridge career exams have to be passed before the admission test.

To prepare you

You can find a example of the test (Closed list of questions).