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Graduation days

On this page the dates and committees of graduation sessions are posted and updated.

The oral presentation is held before a Degree Committee, consisting of at least seven faculty members of the course of study, to which experts from relevant professional fields may be added; the maximum number of Commissioners may not exceed eleven. The Chairman of the Degree Commission is the Coordinator of the CCS or his delegate.

N.B. Remember to fill out the online application for the graduation session by the deadline indicated.

Date Enrollment Deadline Notes
13/06/2022 14/05/2022 (reserved for those graduating in a.y. 2020/21)
18/07/2022 18/06/2022  
16/09/2022 17/08/2022  
21/10/2022 21/09/2022  
16/12/2022 16/11/2022  
10/02/2023 11/01/2023  
28/03/2023 26/02/2023