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Open Summer Day Science MFN

Information talks and visits to Departments and Laboratories

18 July 2024 | from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Chemical Chemistry and Technology, Physics, Materials Science
    DCCI/DIFI, Valletta Puggia via Dodecanese, 31-33
  • Informatics, Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics and Computer Data Processing
    DIMA/DIBRIS, Valletta Puggia, Via Dodecaneso, 35
  • Biological Sciences, Geological Sciences, Environmental and Natural Sciences
    DISTAV, Corso Europa, 26; Viale Benedetto XV, 5

Open day and open week

Are you in your final years of high school and want to find out more about the university and its courses? During the open weeks and open days you can talk to course lecturers and student tutors, attend lectures and participate in presentations of the range of courses on offer, visit the departments and/or campuses.
In addition, you can take part in workshops on choosing a postgraduate course and the professions of the future.

Go to the page dedicated to the open days and open weeks of the Ateneo, the Ligurian Campuses and the UniGe Departments.

Orientation tests

Interest questionnaire

Fill out the questionnaire of interests that identifies your preferred professional activities and indicates the courses of study that prepare you for them, and thus supports you in your choice of faculty.

Useful sites to guide you in your choice

Learning to Orientate and Choose by AlmaLaurea

If you still have no clear ideas about your educational and professional future, AlmaLaurea can help you.
What is your dream job? Which degree course can help you get there? read here
Dictionary of professions Read here

Study pathways by Universitaly

To get to know the educational offer of all Italian universities