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Thesis in non EU countries

Instructions for use

What is it?

The mobility aimed at dissertation research innon-EU countries allows for the "over-the-counter" allocation of 50 scholarships for the a.y. 2022/23.

You will be able to prepare your final exam or dissertation at university institutions, research centers, public or private organizations and highly qualified companies in non-EU countries.

N.B.For the determination of the order of arrival, reference will be made only to the date and time recorded by UniGe's system in receiving applications.


You can enroll in the program if:

  • youare regularly enrolled in UniGe (enrollment in a subsequent year beyond the duration of the relevant course of study is permitted)
  • you have the language certification required by the host institution
  • you have complied with the requirements for the final examination of your course of study
  • you have met all prerequisites corresponding to those required for admission to the Erasmus+ call for traineeship
  • purposes

The scholarship for mobility for the purpose of dissertation research in non-EU countries is incompatible with other scholarships provided for coinciding periods of mobility carried out under the following programs:

  • Erasmus+ program for study or traineeship
  • study courses involving a period of structured mobility abroad for the purpose of obtaining a double degree
  • any other type of mobility abroad promoted by UniGe that involves the provision of a financial contribution such as the Cinda Program, extra Erasmus mobility, etc.

N.B.You cannot carry out mobility in the country of your residence during your studies.

Are you a non-EU student?

Continue reading.

If you are a non-EU citizen, you must hold an Italian residence permit in accordance with current immigration regulations (Legislative Decree 286/98 and in order to apply.

How long

The minimum period provided is 2 months up to a maximum of 6 months of mobility, to be carried out in FY 2022/23.

Remember that:

  • the end date for completing the mobility is March 8, 2024
  • the mobility must conclude at least 30 days before the scheduled date of the graduation session
  • in the event that, after the mobility is over, you fail to graduate in a.a.2022/23, you will necessarily have to register for the following academic year

How to participate

In order to participate, you must submit to the Course Council, through your department's Erasmus Office:

  • the documentation necessary to verify that you have the prerequisites corresponding to those required for admission to the Erasmus+ call for traineeship
  • purposes
  • the information that will enable the Council to prepare the resolution

If the proposal is accepted, you must complete the online application at or using your UniGePass credentials for access, including the endorsement letter

On receipt of the resolution, the Internationalization Service will contact you by email in case you are successful and then prepare the mobility contract, a document that specifies the terms of your stay abroad (e.g.: period, type of activity, UniGe contact person for the mobility, the terms and modalities of the scholarship disbursement). You will necessarily have to sign it before departure.

By signing it you commit yourself to:

  • carry out the activities stipulated in the endorsement letter
  • comply with the conditions stipulated for both the achievement of CFUs and the disbursement of the scholarship


Financial contribution

The study grant and the travel expense grant within the maximum amounts provided will be disbursed as follows:

  • 1st installment following the signing of the contract and related insurance fulfillments:
    • 50% of the grant
  • 2nd installment upon return:
    • 50% of the scholarship
    • travel expense contribution

The second and final installment of the scholarship will be paid only upon the actual recognition of at least 2 total CFUs for the activity abroad. If you have not earned any credits, you will also have to return what you have already received.

For the disbursement of the scholarship, travel expenses contribution, and for the recognition of the mobility period you will have to send, once you return, to the Internationalization Service the following documents:

  • a statement certifying the period of mobility and the activity performed, completed and stamped by the host facility
  • your activity report

The activity must be continuous, so any requests for interruption you must notify promptly. The mobility activity can be monitored for smooth progress.