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Admission criteria and procedure

Call for admission

The Master's Degree Course in Architectural Composition is based on a locally programmed number of places with a ranking list. The availability of places is determined annually and is indicated in the Admission Notice.

Admission to the Master's Degree in Architectural Composition is subject to the assessment of the curricular requirements and of the individual preparation of the candidates by a special commission. Pre-registration procedures and admission requirements are specified in the Admission Notice.

Admission criteria

You can apply for admission if you have either:

  • Italian Bachelor's degree in the class L-17 Architectural Sciences (ex DM 270/2004)
  • diploma or first level university career that allows recognition of the 108 ECTS related to essential training activities for the class L-17 Science of Architecture (ex DM 270/2004), as indicated in DM 16 March 2007
  • foreign qualification equivalent to the Italian qualification, allowing the recognition of the 108 ECTS relative to the educational activities required for class L-17 Science of Architecture (ex DM 270/2004), as indicated in DM 16 March 2007
  • five-year degree in the 4/S or LM-4 single-cycle classes, and two-year master's degrees in the LM-4 class for the sole purpose of obtaining a second degree
  • successful completion of the admission test to a course of study with the explicit direct aim of "training as an architect", as regulated by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, which determines by decree, for each academic year, the number of places available for the enrolment of students for these courses of study. Concerning the compulsory admission test, please refer to the provisions at national level that allow admission to the years following the first year on the basis of available places
  • (exclusively for undergraduates in Italy) acquired at least 154 ECTS by the deadline for registration for the competition. Graduating students in the above-mentioned conditions, placed in a useful position in the ranking, are enrolled with reserve until they have obtained their degree. In order to enrol for the academic year 2021/2022 in the two-year Master's degree in Architecture, the 1st level degree must be obtained by the February 2022 graduation session
  • English language knowledge at a level no lower than B2 of the CEFR (candidates who can demonstrate that they have obtained a bachelor's degree entirely in English are exempt from presenting this certification)

Did you graduate abroad?

You must contact the Welcoming International Students' Office (SASS) of the University of Genoa to check the required documentation and to receive assistance within the deadlines indicated in the Admission Notice.
The required documentation is available on the University website dedicated page.

If you are a non-EU student with residence abroad and a foreign diploma, you have to apply for pre-assessment. Please read carefully the relevant page.

If you are a foreign graduate you must take a test about your Italian language level.

If you graduated in Italy go on reading.

Take the test

Take the admission test.

Complete the enrollment

  • confirm the course of study
  • upload a valid identity document and a passport size photo, if you have not already uploaded it during pre-enrollment
  • in case of change of course of study or renounce, you have to pay an additional 16 € for stamp duty
  • pay the first installment of the taxes