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Other activities

What are they?

The Bachelor's Degree provides during the first year 3 CFUs of Other Educational Activities, i.e., extra-curricular activities but related to your education, which complement and enrich it.

You can choose how to earn the 3 CFUs from a range of activities.

Recognized activities


 - Laboratories activated or recognized by the Course:

held by: Prof.ssa Elena Cimarosti, Dr. Valentina Pestarino 

The Laboratory is divided into:

a) a series of seminars, organized as part of the module of "Latin Epigraphy" (curated by Prof. Elena Cimarosti and Dr. Valentina Pestarino), with the associated outings to Genoa Pegli, Sestri Levante, Libarna (other alternative destinations are programmable): attendance to the totality of the seminars is equivalent to a total of 25 hours;

b) the digital epigraphic filing workshop held by Dr. Valentina Pestarino (10 hours in frontal didactics, in presence or at a distance) and the updating, by the student, of at least 20 epigraphic cards pertaining to Roman cities of the IX Regio (Liguria), already published on the EDR - Epigraphic database Rome. The lecturer follows the exercise in its various stages, reviewing the overall work before the final submission that preludes the process of publication on EDR: the commitment of this part is quantifiable in 50 hours.

Laboratory Start: February 2024

held by: Dr. Marco Enrico

The Laboratory aims to provide the basic knowledge related to Greek scriptures from the point of view of both historical development and practical application to the reading of witnesses of literary works of Greekness. The Lab will consist of 25 hours of activities with the lecturer and 50 total hours of activities to be carried out independently by students. 

It is appreciated for interested parties to express their intention to participate by emailing


Laboratory Start: February 2024

All information can be found at this link

held by: Amalìa Kolonia

The Neo-Greek Workshop, activated by the CdS in Humanities and recognized by the CdS magistral in Philology and Sciences of Antiquity, has the following educational objectives:basic communication skills in Neo-Greek language; first approach to Neo-Greek literary sources and bibliography. It will be divided into the following contents: essential and primary structures of the Neo-Greek language, with emphasis on written and oral, passive and active communication; elements of Greek language history.

Provides for a commitment of 25 total hours (= 1 CFU), of which 20 hours will be in-person and 5 hours will be self-study.

It will take place in the first semester, on Wednesdays h 13-15 starting 11/10/23. The classroom will be assigned soon.


 -Conferences, lecture series, seminars upon recognition of the Course (75 hours for 3 CFUs, only for students up to and including the 2022/23 cohort)

Salon of DAFIST Library, Balbi 4, 3rd floor

October 23, 2023 h 14.15-18.30

October 24, 2023 h 9am-1pm


University Library of Genoa, via Balbi 40.

September 28, 2023 h 9-13, 15-19

September 29, 2023 h 9-12.45

Friday, May 12, 2023, VIA Balbi 2, 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. (Lecture Hall); 3:00-6:00 p.m. (Classroom 9)

Friday, April 14, 2023, 10am-12pm


Lecture hall of the School of Humanities, via Balbi 2



Introduced by Laura Stagno, University of Genoa


Intervenes Claudia Daniotti, University of Warwick, on the topic:

Reinventing Alexander. Myth, history and legend in the Renaissance representation of Alexander the Great


The scholar will present the research behind the volume she recently published at Brepols (Reinventing Alexander. Myth, Legend, History in Renaissance Italian Art, 2022).

March 30, 2023, h 5 p.m.

Giulio Vannini (University of Florence)


Aula Meridiana, Balbi 5

Editorial Variations in the History of Apollonius King of Tyre


April 13, 2023, h 4 p.m.

Giovanni Zago (University of Florence)


Aula Meridiana, Balbi 5

Double lessons, corruptions and interpolations in the textual tradition of Phaedrus's Fables


April 2023, h 4 p.m.

Lara Pagani (University of Genoa)


Aula Meridiana, Balbi 5

Homeric poems between composition and transmission



April 27, 2023, h 16:00

Aula Magna Balbi 2

Sonia Massai (King's College London)

Quarto and Folio Richard III: Seven Types of (Textual) Ambiguity


May 11, 2023, h 4 p.m.

Balbi Great Hall 2

Microsoft Teams (code: bh2heta)

Richard Dutton (Ohio State University)

The Disappearance of Philostrate: variants in Shakespearean Texts


June 1, 2023

Balbi Great Hall 2

h 10:00 am

Claudio Vela (University of Pavia)


Spaces of variation in Pietro Bembo's Prose della volgar lingua

h 11.30 Paola Italia (University of Bologna)

At the end of the Canti: variations in form and structure of the Frammenti

Sundial Classroom, Balbi 5, Thursday 15/12 h 3 pm and Friday 16/12 h 9:30 am and 2:30 pm.

Here is the link to the flyer:


All information can be found at the following link:

For students attending the full lecture series organized by the Opera Carlo Felice in collaboration with UniGe and will attend performances of the operas - a total of five - that the theater stages in the first part of 2023 and will perform a concluding task to check the effectiveness of the cultural pathway. follow-up, 1 CFU will be awarded for Other Activities. The details of the initiative at this link.


- Proof of knowledge of at least C1 level of a language of your choice from French, English, Spanish, German.

Ways of recognizing CFUs

To obtain registration of the 3 CFUs of Other Educational Activities, you must submit to the Committee on Other Credits, at least three months before the date on which you intend to graduate, documentation showing the skills acquired and/or the activities performed and their duration. You will also need to declare that you have not previously used the activity performed to apply for university CFUs.

Only for students up to and including the 2022/23 cohort: If you decide to acquire the 3 CFUs of Other Educational Activities through attendance at conferences, lecture series, and seminars recognized by the Course, you can deliver the documentation to the Commission when you have accumulated the 75 hours required for the achievement of 3 CFUs.

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To get information you can contact the Commission Other Credits