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Licensing as a Pharmacist

State examinations for licensure as a pharmacist, according to the dictate of Ministerial Decree 271 of 9/9/1957 as amended, takes place in two sessions each year.

The day on which the state examination begins is established for all venues, for each session, by ministerial ordinance and normally the first session begins in June and the second session in November. Each session has a duration of 15-20 days.

Applications for admission must be submitted by the deadlines stipulated in the ministerial ordinances (two months before approx.) at the Higher Education Service Desk - Sector IX - Student Management and Training Department - Via Bensa 1 - 2nd floor.

The Examination Board is constituted by decree of the Minister who appoints the president from among tenured or non-tenured university professors and chooses the members from thirds, designated by the competent professional Orders or Colleges.

The licensing examinations for the profession of pharmacist consist of:

  • a written test
  • three practical tests with written reports
  • an oral discussion

The written test is on a subject concerning subjects of a professional nature, with particular regard to pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical technique. For this test, the Commission proposes three topics; the candidate has a choice. The maximum time for the written test is six hours.

Practical tests with written reports cover the following parts:

  1. recognition and purity assays of two drugs
  2. dosing of a known drug
  3. dispensing a prescription

The oral discussion tends to ascertain your cultural and professional preparation, also with reference to the practical tests carried out.

The schedule of tests and the composition of the Commission are announced one week before the start of the tests by posting on the DIFAR bulletin boards and through this website. On the occasion of each session, the AGIFARL organizes an evening to prepare for the exam.

For information regarding participation in the state exam and its registration, you should contact Sector VIII, Higher Education, Via Bensa 1, tel. 010-2095795.

N.B.To learn more, read carefully the notice State Exams 2021 and the list-type drugs that might be subject to oral examination.