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Final project

What is

For admission to the graduate examination, you must have completed all of the credits required by the educational regulations of your degree program.

The graduate examination consists of a compilative or experimental thesis.

The compilatory thesis consists of a paper collecting and evaluating data from scientific literature on a topic covered during your degree program.

The experimental thesis consists of the evaluation of data in laboratory activities to prepare a written paper with original experimental results.

You may develop part of the thesis, if necessary, at external laboratories (from another university, industry, etc. ) under the guidance of a scientific tutor approved by the course council.

Theses involve, indicatively, a commitment of:

  • six months for compilative theses
  • one year for experimental theses

You will have 20 minutes including the presentation and discussion of your paper.

For each session:

  • 5-7 candidates
  • will be evaluated.
  • a final proclamation
  • is planned.

The graduation sessions are open to the public except for the evaluation stage.

Mode of thesis assignment

To request the thesis:

  1. Read the Thesis Assignment Regulations
  2. .
  3. Contact the professor for thesis assignment. You must have acquired at least 150 CFU
  4. to apply for the thesis.
  5. Fill out exclusively on the pc the thesis assignment form
  6. Send an email to the lecturer attaching the completed form
  7. Consult the list of thesis assignments

When in doubt, contact the One Stop Shop

What to do to graduate

If you are an undergraduate, you must:

  1. Choose the graduation session
  2. Fill out the graduation application online
  3. Fill out the AlmaLaurea questionnaire online
  4. In case you have books on loan, return them to the library
  5. Fill out the your course evaluation questionnaire.

Before applying:

  1. Check that you are in good standing with your tax payment
  2. Check that you have taken all of the exams and educational activities
  3. Check that they are all marked on your online career.

Change graduation session

Have you submitted your application but no longer intend to attend the session for which you applied?

For information and assistance, email the School of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Single Point of Contact.

Technical Directions.

Ways of writing the thesis

While writing the thesis, in Italian, remember to respect the rules used for scientific texts.

In particular, you must be careful:

  • to clarity in the description of the experimental methods used and the results of the research
  • to the bibliography

You can accompany the paper with a full translation of it or a translated summary.

Photographic/audiovisual filming

Read the regulations of the accreditation procedure for conducting photographic and/or audiovisual filming activities inside university buildings (effective 06/28/2013).

Online thesis uploading

Next, you must upload to the Web Student portal the thesis pdf file and the Italian and English versions of the abstract. Next, your thesis advisor will have to approve the online documentation in the same way he or she approved your application.

If you need help, write an email to the assistance.

Copies of the thesis

You must printtwo copies of your thesis. One stays with you and the other you have to deliver to your thesis advisor a few days before your graduation session.

N.B.If your session is held remotely, delivery to the thesis advisor is not necessary.


Your graduation grade is defined:

  • by the weighted average of the grades you got in the individual exams
  • by the grade of the final paper:
    • 14 points for the experimental thesis or by 10 points for the compilative thesis, divided as follows:
      • max 8 points (t.experimental) or 4 points (t. compilative) depending on the evaluation of the thesis advisor/correlator
      • max 6 points for the quality of the written paper, quality of presentation, independent judgment, communication skills, learning ability
  • from any additional points:
    • 1 point for graduation by the end of the 5th year of enrollment
    • 0.3 points for honors (up to a maximum of 1 point)
    • up to 1 point for participation as a representative on councils (of CdS, Department, School) or commissions (e.g. joint committee)
    • 1 point if, as part of your Erasmus mobility, you have acquired at least 70% of the credits stipulated in the Learning Agreement

The committee may add honors, at the request of the speaker, only if the average of the exams is 100/110 or higher and by unanimous consent.

If you have been particularly meritorious, the committee may award you with graduation prizes provided by DIFAR.

N.B.The committee evaluates the thesis work taking into account in particular:

  • originality of the work (experimental or bibliographical)
  • quality of the written paper
  • quality of the presentation
  • autonomy of judgment, communication skills, learning ability

The chairman of the graduation committee, appointed by the Director of DIFAR, is responsible for ensuring the full regularity of the conduct of the test and the adherence of the final evaluations to the general criteria approved by the CULM.