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Study plan

What is the study plan

The study plan is the set of all the examinations you need to take in order to graduate.

The study plan is the set of all the examinations you need to take in order to graduate.

Your plan includes educational activities, including:

  • teaching
  • laboratories
  • other activities
  • curricular internships

The sum of mandatory and optional activities constitutes your study plan.

Consult the "Study Manifesto", which can be found on the course homepage in the Information box under Documents

and which you can find on the page Manifesti degli studi (by selecting your course).

Fill in the Study plan

Compilation of the study plan is mandatory for all students.
Lack of the annual study plan prevents registration for examinations of the current academic year.
If you are regularly enrolled and have paid your fees, you can submit the study plan, which must be completed online, through online student services, using your credentials.

What study plan do you need to fill out?

The standard plan is the plan proposed by the Study Manifesto of your degree program.

You do not have to submit it if you want to enroll part-time or if you have obtained a resolution to recognize exams taken in a previous career.

N.B. Once you have filled it out, and possibly made your selection for the subjects of your choice, you only need to select the Confirmation button and check that the operation is correct.
Remember that the Status of the Plan must be "complete," otherwise it will be unfilled.

The individual study plan must be completed only in certain cases. You must submit a
individual plan if:

  • you intend to enroll in part-time
    • 1st category - up to 15 credits
    • 2nd category - up to 30 credits
  • you have obtained recognition of exams taken in a previous career as a result of
    passesfrom another degree program, transfer from another location or evaluation of
    previous career

Individual study plans that do not conform to the recommended teaching tables are subject to evaluation by the Study Plans Committee and approval by the Single Council of Master's Degree Courses, to ensure a rational educational path from the point of view of the consequentiality of learning.

N.B. Remember to complete the procedure by saving your individual study plan request. Requests left in draft, will not be considered.

Access Online Services

To submit your study plan you must log in to Online Services with with your credentials.

Optional educational activities

Choice-based educational activities will be activatedstarting in the 3rd year and will include all disciplines included in the Manifesto educational offerings. These disciplines may also come from other courses in the School of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, from other UniGe Schools or even from another university, as long as they are considered consistent with the educational project by the Course Council.
All elective educational activities provide for a final examination, expressed by a grade in thirtieths, in order to achieve the required CFUs.


Remember that you are obliged to comply with exam propaedeuticities as stipulated in the related table.

You cannot take the exam of a discipline without having passed the exam(s) of the discipline indicated as propaedeutic.

Full-time and part-time

You can enroll in UniGe full-time or part-time. Your choice is valid for the entire academic year and can be changed in subsequent years.

The full-time commitment provides at least 31 CFUs for educational activities, in accordance with the rules defined by the Didactic Regulations. The limit of CFUs that you can include in your study plan is 75 and the total formative period must not be less than 5 years.

If you enroll in part-time you must instead submit your study plan with CFUs of 30 or less.

Compulsory attendance

You have the right and duty to attend the scheduled didactic activity of your course whether you are enrolled full-time or part-time.

For those courses that involve the performance of institutional laboratory exercises, the certificate of attendance, which is a necessary condition for admission to the examination, is obtained by attending at least 80% of the exercises.
N.B. Non-attendance will result in your enrollment in the following teaching year as a "repeater" and will result in the inability to enter educational activities of subsequent course years.

For other teachings, class attendance is strongly recommended and verification of attendance is at the discretion of the lecturers.