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Research training course

An opportunity for the best students

The Research Training Pathway (PFR)is aimed at enhancing the training of students interested in in-depth activities in the field of research.

If you are a deserving and motivated student, the program is directed toward you and involves progressive participation in research activity that allows you to develop the ability to conceive and carry out an independent project.

During the path you will learn:

  • scientific rigor
  • methods
  • critical skills
  • and culture

so that you learn the correct approach to research problems and their solution.

Group work and, in parallel, leadership will be fostered, with the aim of communicating passion for research, enhancing personal skills, highlighting any critical issues and areas for improvement, and developing independent judgment and scientific creativity.

At the end of the training you will receive the Diploma Supplement: a certification of the work you have done.

How to participate

To participate in the Research Training Course you need to send the application form, by midnight Tuesday November 30, 2021, to the email address

Remember to indicate the research project you choose from the proposed ones.


You can enter the competition if you are a student:

  • in the first year with a bachelor's degree grade of at least 110/110
  • in the first year not yet graduated but with all credits under the three-year degree program and an average of not less than 29/30. In addition, to be admitted, you must graduate by the fall session with a grade of 110/110 or higher
  • enrolled in the second year of the course and have acquired at least 36 CFUs stipulated in the first-year educational curriculum with an average grade of not less than 27/30

Another requirement is a good knowledge of English, especially written, or another language, if required by the chosen project.

Eligibility interview

To assess your eligibility you will be scheduled for an interview with a committee. During the interview you will have to:

  • read and translate a portion of a recent scientific publication in a language of your choice from English, French, Spanish and German
  • discuss your chosen research project

The eligibility interview will take place online, on the Microsoft Teams platform, Monday, December 20, 2021 beginning at 5:00 pm. The access code for the virtual classroom will be communicated to you by email.


Admission ranking

In order to allocate the eight available places,the committee will draw up an admission ranking list which will be published by Thursday, December 23, 2021 in the News and Events section of this website.

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Course Coordinator
Simona Langella

Segreteria Didattica del DAFIST
Via Balbi 4, III floor

Sportello Unico Studenti di Scienze Umanistiche
Via Balbi 4, 16126 Genova
010 209 51690