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Graduation days

On this page are posted and updated graduation session dates


Dates a.y. 2022/2023

Summer Session: June 21, 2023**

Fall session: beginning October 16, 2023

3rd session: starting from 11/03/2024

N.B.The last useful session to graduate in A.Y. 2022/23 is March 2024.


Date a.y. 2023/2024

Summer session: starting June 19, 2024**


Fall session: starting Oct. 16, 2024

3rd session: starting from March 11, 2025

*The dates of the sessions may vary depending on the number of candidates and the dates of the start of the Licensure Internship for the Practice of Medicine as a Surgeon, established in the ministerial orders to be issued at the different sessions.

**The start date of the summer session may vary depending on the date of holding the competition for access to the Schools of Specialization, established by Ministerial Decree

N.B.The last useful session for graduating in a.y. 2023/24 is March 2025.